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Stop robot uprising machines and save Metropolis from destruction, win races and invite other adventures free online games Superman.

When the world is in chaos and confusion, when the evil freely disturbs the peaceful population, where power and law enforcement agencies are no longer able to help anything - only hope for him to Superman. Hero comics, cartoons and many toys, which knows almost everyone, ready to save anyone who turn to him for help. According to legend, Superman - not the person. He comes from the planet Krypton, which ceased to exist shortly after his parents sent him to Earth. Superman abilities began to manifest in childhood, and he decided to use them to help people. The main hero superpowers are incredible power - Superman is able with incredible power to strike its enemies and lifting very heavy objects; invulnerable body - shots of weapons could not hurt a superhero, although in earlier versions of Superman some powerful shells could hurt him. His immortality explains the features of molecular structure was observed among residents of Krypton and then it was believed that around the body of Superman is an energy shield, which also protects clothes and hero. In some versions of the stories told in the same way that he has, and susceptibility to disease - we can see that none of the stories did not mention that Superman was a bit sick. Another major superpowers hero is the ability to fly, and the first versions of the stories he could only run fast. He learned to fly in a couple of decades after its creation. In addition, he has still some qualities that are inherent superman: • supervision on; • supersluh; • ability to read minds at a distance, and others. Home noteworthy superhero for which he was recognized adults and children - is a blue suit with a red cape and large developing English letter S in a pentagonal shape yellow chest. One of the closest friends of Superman is a girl by the name of Lois Lane, whom he married on one of the story lines associated with this superhero. Just for history, he met with some individuals who came to Earth with his homeland - the planet Krypton: Power-Girl, Mon-El, Supergirl and others. The latter, as it turned out later, is a cousin of Superman. Since the mid-twentieth century, Superman was the protagonist in over a dozen films and a huge number of comics. Superman - the hero of numerous adaptations. About him were dropped over twenty cartoons and several computer games. In all these stories the villain Lex Luthor was Superman: it is an ordinary man who did not have any superpowers, but which differed incredible cunning and guile. The very first version of the game was released in 1994 on an 8-bit consoles. In it the main villain was a cyborg, which had a metal body ductile material kriptonicheskim origin. After that was released sufficient number of games in which Superman was or protagonist or was involved as one of the superheroes in online games and collections. Superman games are extremely popular with both children and adults, as the male half of the population, and among women. We offer you to play online games for Superman. Free Superman Games can be found in this section of our site and play online or download it to your computer. Pastime and satisfaction from the game, you are guaranteed! Each of you can now become a part of this incredible story about the man of steel!