Sonic games for free

Free Game Sonic offer familiar and new stories about the blue hedgehog Sonic. Accompany him on catch levels and gold rings playing online games.

There are games that combine generation. In the early nineties for the Sega began to produce games based on comics and cartoons about anthropomorphic blue hedgehog. He became so recognizable that the company made him their mascot. Version of comics and cartoons, Sonic lives on Mobius islands and can develop a supersonic velocity. It is this ability and became the basis of his name, as from the English sonic means - can develop the speed of sound. If we follow his appearance earlier and later releases, we see that if Sonic matures - becomes taller and slimmer. Another change concerns the teeth. If at first they are clearly conspicuous and were like sharp swords, the next revision, it became more friendly and not so big teeth can be seen only when the hedgehog opens his mouth. And that is why it is blue spines, almost anywhere is not explained, but there is a version that when Dr. Robotnik was not angry and helped break the sound barrier Sonic, that's when our hero was painted in this color. The nature of the hedgehog restless. It is very difficult to remain idle at least a minute and Sonic games often use this feature it. If you do not pay attention to him for a while, he stamps his foot nervously at first, and then all can jump beyond the playing field and a toy, so complete. As for the salvation of the world, the Sonic does not regard it as heroism, and just so fun - it's a hobby for him. It should be noted that he has chosen a very rewarding hobby, and many would do well to learn from him. As his favorite dish of chili dogs and it can absorb them into nemerenoe number. In computer games, where you have to collect artifacts, often use this feature it and using them it increases your vitality. But the gold rings he needs to fight the enemies, because they give his magic and make invincible. That is why, whenever possible it is necessary to collect the rings in the process of passing Sonic adventure, not to be defenseless in the face of danger. Sonic quite impulsive and may make rash act. But the charge of you to him to curb his temper and direct energy in a peaceful direction. He entertains at a meeting with danger and because his faces never smile coming. But if in the native world, he feels comfortable, then suddenly finding themselves in a strange, nervous and starts trying to get back as soon as possible. One day, once in the world of Mario, Sonic is our first taken aback, but soon regained consciousness and began to search for the path to liberation. Sonic games are endowed with dynamism and will not let you get bored. From the first steps you are waiting for an adventure worthy of daredevils. Arm rings of gold, and in a way. Dangers lurk at every turn, corridors turn into mazes and not always the way of them will escape. An army of robots, space aliens, monsters and other enemies that block the road all the time. Where there are victims, must appear Sonic hedgehog and save every single one. Friends, he does not leave in the lurch, and the enemies are not big trouble. 's Unquenchable activity extends to sports games. In between the struggle for justice, the hedgehog finds time to play football, volleyball, cycling, bike, car. Speed ​​attracts him and his favorite pastime is vigorous competition - racing, jumping, and running the ball. Even in the picture puzzles and coloring he stood in a moment of motion.