Zombie Games Free

Online games Zombie diverse in their subjects. You have to play, reflecting the attack of the walking dead that walk through the streets and attacked its residents.

Zombies are not that fantastic creatures, according to the religion of Voodoo, which is able to turn living people into zombies. These creatures do not have a will of their own, and obey his master - shaman who made them so. This cult is common in Africa, and perhaps he is emboldened writers and cinematographers to create their own living monsters. Whatever it was, and this topic has long been used for all sorts of horror and we have even stopped their fear really. Games zombie trying to scare us horrible scenes and aggression, but, along with a similar direction of toys, there are others where everything happens peacefully. Opening the cafe for a zombie, you can treat their own cakes, decorated in the spirit of Halloween. On a three-tiered cake not rise rosettes of cream, skulls, crows, pumpkins and ghosts figures. Your imagination is only limited set of ingredients, but what set them to apply and how to position on the cake, depends only on you. In fact it is a great idea for our lives. Halloween accepted conventional products to give a view corresponding to the spirit of the holiday. So why not get ideas from the game and did not put them into practice? In addition to the cake, you can sell other products by linking them in accordance with the order-gone zombies. Give one exotics bat's wing, others like the chocolate crackles, third taste strange drinks. Let them eat what they want - everyone has their tastes. Only through the streets did not go and did not attack civilians. But such situations are the norm and eloquently tell zombie game. If you believe the writers, people are willing to turn into walking monsters on any occasion. Cost to fly from Space Earth Science unidentified virus as normal people wake up yesterday already zombies. And how many of them do not make sure you are best friends, they are still trying to tear your head off. Another option reincarnation - an accident in the science lab. These ignorant scientists something all the time and spoil their experiments out of control, and forced to suffer the innocent population. That's why, it is asked, grasping for chemicals, if you do not know how? Well, just like little children! You can discuss all you want, but when the situation is catastrophic, and at any time there is a risk to turn into a monster that always hungry, we must arm themselves and shoot in all directions. There can be no sentimentality and lyrical sense, even if the zombies become your classmate or favorite. However, there are some game suggestions, where you stand on the side of the zombies, and not to oppose them. Vaughn girl and the guy is clearly sympathetic to each other, even if lost for a long time familiar human face. Well, try to help them become more attractive. At least, no harm in trying. Inspect the entire wardrobe and start to work. Do not be afraid of you so they will not bite you! They're too busy and love only themselves. Come closer to examine them carefully and try to pick up a couple of decent outfit. Of course, the starting material as models you got is not the first freshness, but once in their soul glimmer still some sense, perhaps all is not lost. Still afraid of surprises? Well, then play football with them. Hopefully it will calm you a bit. And then, since you still run away from the zombies, then Roll the soccer ball at the same time. And you in traffic safety, and for something to do zombies.