Games Worms. Play online

In Worms games to play online fun. You need to perform the mission, developing his character.

That would now take a bazooka, but palnut out in order talker at the end of the bus, and then from the U.S. to shoot an ugly passer Gopnik. And then with the help of a rope to cross to the other side of the street through the towering bridge. And to throw out the window the chief holy hand grenade, in addition to watermelons - bomb. Then you can walk around all day doing nothing. And in the evening to send a carrier pigeon, stuffed with explosives along the avenue to the gathering of alcoholics. Kaaak came shooting - and silence. So before going to bed to put in the box superovtsu, bringing it up to the window neighbor fan chanson. Do you think this dream sadistic maniac? Sophisticated or vengeful fantasies ofisnika? And here and there. It would have looked gameplay worms in the real world. That is, if someone does not know. In general, most of the players already well familiar with this game. At one time it was so popular that every computer owner thought was his duty to get the disc with this great fun. The new generation also had time to get acquainted with it, worms can now be played online in multiplayer mode. There are also a lot of flash versions of worms ( as the name translates from English). For what developers say thank you a large army of old fans of this wonderful game masterpiece. After all, the modern version of vindous as on Growing alternative operating systems, the old version of the game, and if placed, either the great lag, or simply displayed in an unreal scale, which does not normally remember the good old days. And on modern monitors graphics of the original game looks in the format of painting can be understood only by looking from a distance. So normally play Worms allow only specific emulators or on websites with online versions of the game. It became the main alternative to flash two hours of wild settings of Windows, with further glitches and departures during the game. Undoubtedly, the presence of such games - an incredibly positive for the gaming market. After all, the developers have already abandoned the idea of ​​a living. Attempts to insert good make two-dimensional game space in trideshny world has led to the disappointment of many players. Worms games in 3D are very bad. After all, they look like strangers here. Monsters rounded form I am a student modeling in 3D does not fit into the universe of Worms. So do not even wait for the return of what has gone along with the old monitors and computers. After all, modern Worms - here in the Flash format. So play and nostalgic heart's content.