Online game World of Tanks

Thrilling tank battles are available in numerous variations of the game World of Tanks. Members Become games online world of tanks and crush all enemies.

And finally, there was a game that suited their needs. More precisely, a whole trend in game development - focus on skill player, not on pumping. We are talking about the game World of Tanks. This simulator battle tank can really be called a genius. The fact that the game is for us an eternal theme for World War II. Developers have created a truly brilliant game that will not only satisfy the donators, but it will be fun good players. Fighting in the world of tanks are only in PvP. There is not a bot, not a single NPC. Already downloaded the game, you get to the hangar, where you have three tanks - Soviet MS-1, an American and a German leyhtraktor T1. These basic tanks that allow pumped over to the next, stronger model. With this you can play any combination of combat vehicles, without having to worry about choosing sides. Battles take place on 15, 15 tanks, though one team may be machines of different nations. Imagine how the original looks like a battle in which King Tiger comes on the position of the Soviet and American Isa T32, under the cover of the legendary self-propelled gun ISU- 152. While the levels of the game in the conventional sense is not. Levels are considered models of tanks, available in the hangar player. Although the difference in the level - it's almost a guaranteed win in a fight 1 on 1, in a balanced combat the smallest tank can decide the outcome of the battle. It would appear that can make a light T-50 fifth level in the battle tops 9-10 levels, like a giant Mouse or rikoshetyaschego T-54? And in fact, it can decide the outcome of the game. Competently enough to show ( highlight ) allies location of heavy tanks - Allied artillery and poison the 180 -ton little mouse on the light, self-propelled gun and threatening to send a T95 tank paradise 54th. Special interest adds that the players participate only in those battles, which can be useful. That is, BT-2 is not exactly meet in battle with the Mouse or IS-7, and the Panther was not to flip through a bunch of one-shot MS-1. Following the link on this page you will be able to start their adventure tank. Remember, play online world of tanks allows any brand.