Girls get real pleasure to play in helping the fairies from the Winx Club to save the world from evil magic. Winx games rpg full of magic and fun activities.

Universe animated series Winx knowingly attracted so many fans. Colorful world, containing a lot of fine examples of animated works, just need to like people who are still open free emotions. Of course, the children, as growns stale enough not to accept the pristine aesthetics, presented to us by the Italian cartoonists. No wonder the animators decided to combine in a single frame the current trends of three-dimensional animation with a simple drawing style. Yes, it seems wild from the traditional point of view, but do not forget that the world was created by the authors of the animated series, the magic. In this way the creators have tried to bring into the world a little bit anime classic modernity, while giving the classic Japanese genre many European shiny gold. But not only this is the Europeanization of the cartoon. Please note that, despite the declared inheritance of anime, cartoon drawn in a unique style that combines the broad contours of the Japanese cartoon genre with the European tradition. After all, the heroine - is not anime babes, they are mere children of the usual European families. The lines of the Winx pictures are not as sophisticated as in the anime. This is because in Europe adopted a completely different canon picture. And the heroines do not have a musty spirit trudogolicheskogo patriarchal society. Girls living and modern, they go shopping, relax and dream about the boys. For them, the teachers are not as formidable men as for Japanese schoolchildren. In addition, the cartoon about fairies, Bloom and therefore the company is very much resemble the shape of insects. Thus, they are strikingly different from their parents and teachers depicted in the classic style of Disney animation key. This property makes them so attractive that, in contrast to the Japanese counterparts, they are completely overshadowed by its negative counterpart. And this achievement, because no one anime cartoon could not avoid the presence of evil fans. The best proof of the popularity and success of the project can be considered to be displayed in the world of video games. Winx - one of the most popular setting, game designers used games for the female audience. A game Winx Action - is generally a sign of success, as the genre is very fairy unformatted version. And we have to admit that a good option. But see for yourself by going on one of the links above.