Winx and Bratz Games Online

Fairies of the Winx Club and Bratz dolls could be her friends. Winx and Bratz games give girls a chance to fall in love with her characters stronger and become friends in their joint adventures.

Many parents make two key mistakes. First, they idealize their children. And the stage of he's so sweet, so innocent, children of all good unjustifiably delayed by a good period. Parents in all sing praises to the child, which in their view, still in the Garden of Eden before the activation of the snake there. A child has, for example, torturing animals, lying to parents on the little things and asserting itself among peers the most savage ways. The child - the same people, like growns. So, as it should be an grown, not ideal. Such is life. The second mistake - is to associate the baby with at the same age, attribute to him their likes and dislikes, personality traits and preferences. For example, many parents believe that their children like themselves in childhood, in awe of Soviet cartoons. But do not take account of the simple fact - that the child today have more choices of what to see. And it is unlikely he will get depressed or thinking about high during the next show Hedgehog in the Fog. Therefore, parents may be shocked by the fact that, for example, their daughter not only plays games Winx and Bratz, but also a fan of cartoons featuring these modern heroines. A mom and dad did not even have a clue as to who exactly delighted child. We have to quickly make up for lost time - play games and watch cartoons. It's not always fun, and sometimes shocking. But certainly useful if you do not want to lose the emotional and intellectual contact with your offspring. There is just as important to adhere to the golden mean. Even if you do not appreciate too glamorous dolls and fairies, in which your daughter just crazy, do not give it to her openly. And even more so in an aggressive way and categorically. You need a heart-to-heart conversation, during which you will be able to ask her the right questions. Thanks to you know what attracts her to these heroines. Yes, the answers may surprise you. What we warned, referring to the first error of parents. For example, your little princess can tell you that the Winx and Bratz are good because they are super trendy. And the question is, where in the mind of the child concepts such forward your own. Daughter spends a lot of time alone with the TV or computer? Friends in girls older than themselves? After watching a movie, play online games ( including our website ), the child should still with their parents' knowledge. Then they will know what all this forms a belief, intelligence, inner peace and vital principles of the child.