Created several series of online games Water Temple and everywhere to play, using observation. Try to find all the items and leave the trap.

Probably because quests like most players, because a bit like life. We constantly have to look for something, somewhere to go, hurry, hurry to resolve important questions and to unravel the dilemma. We first retrieves objects and then apply them in a certain place, making a logical action. Thanks quests, we can experience an exciting adventure that we were not available in real life, make a heroic act to save themselves and others, to make a discovery and find knowledge or artifacts. In each game the conditions, opportunities and jobs. Some are an example of stunning graphics and special effects, sound design and storyline, but their job simple and uncomplicated. But the Water Temple and similar fun bet on the complexity of passing, allow admirers of the genre enjoy the process without being distracted by the outside world thrall. To confuse, confound, to make us think and look the right way, it is not necessary to overload the space with unnecessary details that the plot does not have any relationship. Enough to leave you need to simplify the schedule and focus on performing tasks players to engage them. Water Temple - a game in which to solve puzzles and unusual turn in the sample observation. To make it easier to search for, deploy better game in full screen, as things are often so small that they are easy to miss. Considering every inch of space, move everything that can move, study them carefully to inscriptions and colored panels that can be encrypted schemes and codes in the form of numbers, letters, and even color options. We can not say that playing Water Temple simple. Even the transition to the next scene we must first look, but we are ready to tell you what's the secret. If you point to the right or left side of the playing field will narrow band, when clicked, and you find yourself in a new place, in order to study it carefully. Scheme intricate lines with colored balls starts in one perimeter, but continued with the next and you should not just look to trace every line, but also to place the balls so that they are the same on both ends thereof. Starfish sometimes hidden under the keys and other things. It is important not to be afraid to experiment and try to affect objects at each other, even if it seems counterintuitive effect. Sometimes the answer is not quite there, where he was supposed to, but this is exactly the case when it is necessary to think outside the box. Found objects are visible at the top of the playing field, and to apply them, click on the selected object, and then on the area where you intend to use it. In the case of the right decisions, you will automatically interaction, if you have not guessed - nothing will change. Currently there are several versions of the game Water Temple, which means that gamers like to take the challenge that they throw developers. Each toy - a set of new puzzles, and to solve them, we must try to discard the usual stereotypes. Even deciding to re-pass the current level, you are surprised to find that he has changed. Now things are hidden completely new caches and where you saw them before, nothing more. This feature alone makes the current version of the game Temple of water each time a new game that will certainly enjoy people with creative thinking, a non-trivial approach to solving complex challenges and fans that they throw the game.