Start playing free games Walle and you will see a new story of the little rover-loader who fell in love with Eve - a new generation of robot.

I think each of you thought about what awaits us in the future. What will happen to our land? What new things will invent super humanity? Will robots live on a par with a man? Will the humanity communication with other beings from other planets? One of the possible scenarios for the development of our planet and mankind invited group Pixar, which specializes in funny cartoons for children. In 2008, the screens went masterpiece titled Valley. Valley Title in Russian language means musoropogruzchik earthly class. So, basically, and it looks the protagonist of this cartoon. The plot is quite interesting: in the 22nd century, the planet Earth has become uninhabitable due to the huge amount of garbage accumulated on its surface. In order to save the human species, the giant company, which means that, actually started an environmental catastrophe, building several huge ships, which plunged the survivors and fly in space travel. On these ships has everything for a comfortable stay for the people. Even more than all - they do not even need to get up from the couch to satisfy hunger, relax, walk in closet and more. In turn, the Earth were sent to thousands of robots, which for some time had to recycle all the garbage. However, after more than 700 years, the planet was only one working robot. It was on his robotic shoulders rests the whole responsibility to rescue people from utter degradation and save our planet. Throughout the cartoon Valley stalked constant danger from both the main ship owners, who did not want to return to Earth, and by the robots that have been programmed against the protagonist. However, the Valley was able to show how good his intentions and all, as it should be in all stories - good defeat evil. The main characters of this cartoon are unique. Valley - friendly robot-collector, which has worked for over 700 years on planet Earth. Besides, on this planet, he befriended a cockroach, who became his best friend. Eve - the robot whose main task was to collect samples of all life from the planet Earth and their delivery to the spacecraft. One of the immediate descent to the ground she befriended Valley and now both of them depended the fate of mankind. Captain - lazy crew of commander. He likes to take a nap for an hour or two in his chair or take a video quiz. Once one of the robots that have to collect samples of live plants will bring him at least one instance - its task is to return all the residents back to Earth. Auto - navigator who steers the ship. Unsuspecting crew thinks that everything is under their control. In fact, Auto programmed robots have all the fact that they have left no chance for people to return back to Earth. Running-ohm - robot minion. He performs any commands that gives him the Auto. M-O - a robot that cleans the deck of the ship and looking for all the unsanitary subjects, whom he found on the top and the Valley. Immediately after the animated feature, developer of computer games released toy of the same name. After this game Valley began to appear for mobile phones and consoles on a flash. Valley play games online, you can chat on our website. They are suitable for different ages and genders. No matter how much free time you have available - Valli and Eve games waiting for you right now! The fate of our planet it is in your hands!