Exotic free online games Tron is svetogonki motorcycles, glowing neon. They turn act in the show, where movement reserves the bluish light.

You are welcomed by a fascinating virtual world - Tron. Your father once opened this place, and now you have to go looking for him. Games Tron pose as overcoming various obstacles and pitfalls of the virtual world. The most striking example of the complexity of upcoming tasks - races on light motorcycles with dangerous opponents who are trying to destroy you. Tron Uprising game, just like the game Tron Legacy taking place within the same universe: an artificially created human intelligence virtual world. Racing on light motorcycles - this is only the first stage of a fascinating confrontation. Nevertheless, even this step is not amenable to all the first time. Games Tron race - it is quite a independent game on convenience and comfort bikes, which, however, are deadly weapons. Motorcycles reserve impenetrable trail of light, the collision which means certain death. The danger lies in the fact that the races are held in tight spaces, so there is a danger of crashing and own light trail. Free Games Tron give you the opportunity to try yourself in the role of the rider in the virtual world. To reach the top, you have to contend with many skilled riders who can win savvy reaction and various clever tricks. "Tron: Legacy" is a sci-fi film production in the U.S. in 2010 issued in the rental. The film is a sequel to the popular film "Tron" in 1982 release. The film became the directorial debut of young Joseph Kosinski, and the shooting took place under the supervision of Steven Lisberger - the director of the first film in 1982. The first premiere was planned for 2009, that's just on the same date was announced James Cameron's "Avatar." Compete on the budget and at the box office with the brainchild of Cameron producers "Tron" did not, moving the premiere for one year only. In wide release and public access "Tron: Legacy" was released December 17, 2010. In the film, the protagonist - a 27-year-old Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn - the protagonist of the first picture. Sam begins to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father. Investigation leads Sam into the world of gladiatorial games and the most severe of computer programs. His father lived in captivity of this world for 20 years. Together with the assistant of his father, a good program, the son of his father sent on a dangerous but exciting and thrilling journey through kibervselennoy, which produced a number of risks for the uninvited guests. Interesting facts: - Cover for the film "Tron: Legacy" is exactly the same that the cover, which was the first film in the series; - Jeff Bridges - one of the main characters in the film became the first in the history of cinema actor, whose face was rejuvenated on the screen using specialized computer prototype; - The film has a terrific musical score, above which worked for about a year musicians from the world of popular electronic music duo Daft Punk; - Club "End of waste water", which is one of the key areas in which the action takes place in the film, was specially built for the film studio in the pavilion. The club can be freely placed not only film extras, but a whole army shooting extras. To shoot Daft Punk, who live for the film were shot came to see the staff and other film studios, which filmed entirely different movies.