Tower defense games online

In games like Tower online play especially boys. There hovers the spirit of the Middle Ages, many fights and shootings, it is necessary to defend their tower or destroy the enemy.

Heroes of medieval romances bravely fought for the land of their kings, went to war with the enemy on the battlefield or a fire-breathing dragon. They waited dangerous adventures, bloody battles, in which it seemed that death is near. But in the end they always triumphed and returned home victorious. In honor of their feast, and every girl wanted to hero drew attention to it. It is a pity that those days are gone and no more space feat, where fighting alone sword or archery, could combat the enemy in a fair fight. Tower defense games send you back in history, where it was the norm. Fighting with the enemy in the virtual world, you can lead a squad and command them, placing their soldiers on the perimeter and blocking the way to the enemy approaches. You have the opportunity to build new fortifications, build more buildings and buying army. That takes money, and therefore are often present in such toys economic component. From your tactics depends on how effectively your army to repel the attack and attack itself. In the military, a lot of nuances to be aware of if you want to win not only the battle but the whole war. Personalize your card battles and movements. By learning to focus on it, it will be easier to understand what actions should be taken. Tower game offers many versions, and you can choose the most liked, from time to time to return to them. But do not forget to explore new spaces, in order to gain experience and apply it in the future. Among the enemies you meet the soldiers of another state or fantastic opponents. If flying kites in the sky you will not get discouraged, get ready to deal with an attack of zombies, skeletons, bones that rumble, but armed thoroughly. In those days, not only believed in the higher divine force, but in demons. Even went stories about how the legions had to deal with the evil force in the battle in the open field. And after such meetings almost never left alive, and if someone was lucky to escape and survive after being wounded, he fell into a delirium, and he was hard to get a sane story about what happened. Tower games online, too, decided to make you a "gift" and armed to the teeth with evil spirits, eager to avenge his untimely death. How to deal with them, you learn from the game itself, but it is easy you just will not. Fighting for a cause, you will pass through time and space, protecting its strengthening of primitive people, armed with batons. Next you will meet with mythical creatures are hostile. Defeating them in turn, you will move closer to the modern world. Stone cave change the locks, and that in turn - a modern mansion. But this is not your adventure will end, because there will always be enemies, and at any time. During the game, you will gradually free tower experience a variety of weapons from the ancient to the modern. In some versions of the games have even laser units defending the perimeter of the maze. You must arrange them so that every inch of land was under the gun and the enemy, having passed another milestone, immediately fell under firepower next. Whatever was not armored opponent, your massive attack consistently breaks its shell and the enemy will be defeated. And since it will become more and more, you need to replace the outdated samples laser more powerful playing free games tower. Just so you finally break the enemy.