Fans of fighting games have already experience free games Tekken and recommend it to fans to play melee fighting. Point your hero and help him win.

Tekken is an ancient art of battle, who preserved, handed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student. Only a limited number of elite fighters can claim that they own the data martial art. Of course, the unique skills allow them to easily defeat any enemy, that's just the case that they fight against each other. Tekken games - it is incredibly colorful, bright, catchy and brutal battle. Tekken games allow you to play for one of the pre-selected characters. Complete the real test of his life, clash with unpredictable hazards in the face of dangerous opponents who, as you are fluent in the ancient art of combat. Tekken games for free are able to tell the player a truly immersive story telling about the secret passions and intrigues, which now and then break out between fighters. Free Games Tekken remarkable by the fact that each fight will be for you a separate story in the plot. To win the fight, you need to remember that the battle is not going to pre-planned plot, no trained combinations and exhaust methods. Everything is unpredictable and spontaneous. Tekken game play is not so easy: press the right buttons enough, you must do everything in time, the outcome of a particular battle could be resolved even a tenth of a second. Have time to complete the acquisition in time - and victory is yours, too slow even for a moment, and celebrate your opponent may have. Get ready for an exclusive cruelty, will be able to win the game the only one who is not afraid to win at any cost rivals. Tekken is a popular franchise, which consists of a series of computer games in the genre of fighting game. Created a series of company Namco. The first game in the series came back in 1994, since the first release came more than six sequels canonicity of the original plot. Also on the game universe was created three feature films and one manga. Naturally, the popularity of the game could not remain without attention of manufacturers of souvenirs. In general, the game uses quite a standard scheme for games in the genre of fighting two opponents confront each other in the melee. The key difference of the series is that each character is assigned to the finiteness of certain buttons on the controller. In addition to the four main buttons the player can configure additional buttons for your own preferences. Multiple customizable combinations allow spectacular strikes and grappling. One of the key games in the series is Tekken 3: In this game the opportunity to get his opponent. It was also an opportunity for the fallen player to move faster after his fall - it allows you to quickly return to the fight after a missed bounce. In the subsequent parts of the game engine only improved, giving players more options to combat, in particular, have become possible different interactions with walls and obstacles on the map. With each new part of the mobility of the characters and their combat capabilities steadily progressed. Most popular fighters series: - Nina Williams - Irish, which specializes in Aikido and koppodzyutsu; - Paul Phoenix - American who polished life Japanese martial art, which was the basis for judo; - Heyhati Mishima - Japanese, promoting the game in the style of karate Mishima; - Lei Vulong - gonkongets propagandizing Wushu; - Yoshimitsu - is a Japanese who Manji style promotes its own ninjutsu; - King - Mexican, comes in Tekken from professional wrestling; - Hwoarang - Korean, teaching taekwondo; - Eddy Gordo - Brazilian who teaches capoeira; - Gon - dragon, producing as the fight progresses smelly smoke; - Dr. Boskonovich - Russian, which promotes panic fighting style, distracting his opponents, rolling on the floor; - Bryan Fury is an American practitioner of power kickboxing; - Gun Jack - another Russian, who practices in battle net force; - Forrest Law - American who fights in the style of Jeet Kune Do. Every minute of the game is replete with lots of fighting techniques. Each of the methods can be seen in the promotional game. Beautiful graphics, animation and sound effects create a stunning realism. Gaming experience extremely powerful and bright!