Super Mario Games Online

Play online games for free, and Super Mario saves the princess from the hands of the evil monster. Overcoming obstacles is fun and easy, collecting bonuses.

One of the most popular video game characters of all time is Super Mario. For several decades, during which released the game about the famous plumber, know that many mustachioed character. So to play Super Mario will be a long time on computers and consoles. Super Mario Bros. for the first time as a video game character appeared in 1981. Since then, both ring games and online games super mario becoming more popular every year. The plot of the original game quite well known. The villain has kidnapped the princess and imprisoned her in the castle. Plumber Mario with a brave and determined look decided at all costs to save his beloved. However, on the way to the princess Super Mario lurks many dangers. During the passage of the levels plumber will work on collecting coins, mushrooms and other useful bonuses. They will allow the character to earn as many points or increase your running speed, jump height. Some even allow Mario to shoot fireballs at enemies. In addition, battle enemies have by jumping on his head. In general, on the way to the princess Super Mario to go through a series of challenging levels. However, online play in the Super Mario is more fun. On our site contains a lot of flash games of super mario play online free which is very exciting. Some of these games are based on the original concept, while others are made in other genres, based on the story and characters of the original game. For example, in the game Super Mario Furious you have to shoot in the familiar enemies with a shotgun. The farther gone - the more points you collect. In the other game to pass the level you need to think about how to reach out to the stars. There are other games on the uptake in this section. If you like super mario online play for free, you will be interested in the other games in the universe of Super Mario. In some of them you will pass the levels in the role of Mario 's brother Luigi. The gameplay of this is changing, as Luigi has slightly different abilities. Among the other playable characters also come across the famous Sonic the Hedgehog, which somehow mysteriously got into the world of Mario. Also, in the game AntiMario you have to look at the events of games through the eyes of Mario enemies. In the role of bugs you will need to avenge his brothers Mario and Luigi, and their friends for a party in honor of spoiled birthday. What game from section would you choose, you will certainly take pleasure in the super mario play for free, after the game about the adventures of a plumber never bored.