Sue games for girls online

Sue games for girls include games dress, learning knitting, funny fishing, management of kindergarten. Choose any entertainment, and Sue will give you an amazing emotion.

It would not have tried to conservatives and the virtual world is gradually becoming part of normal life. Cinema migrates to the Internet, books are replaced by discussions and work of fanatical teenagers. Many phenomena of this kind are also reflected in the game world. Fans variety of cinematic and literary characters begin to write their works on the topic. In fact, these texts are importing a favorite author in the world to him. But the young authors who do not have sufficient nachitki and does not own methods of constructing the plot, do not give the reader a holistic literary work, and their teenage or childhood dreams. As a result, the heroine - Alter ego of the author - is too much perfect. This case is not just common, with the emergence of the network of blogs teen he became a sort of an epidemic for people gifted literary taste or specialized education. Therefore, to determine such a hero in countless works of grafomanskih was launched image - term Mary Sue. How to distinguish the character of this type of ordinary heroes if not brilliant, but literary works? It is, in fact, very simple. For example, take the saga Twilight. If the text includes a drooling at the hero, you should prick up his ears - Mary Sue is likely to close. Usually it looks like this: He [ understandably Edward Cullen ] walked into the classroom. His [not less than five slobber - laudatory epithets ] [ or what part of the body ] flashed before my [ character ] eyes. Once on the scene that he appears - Mary Sue, Hidden, is waiting for its release. Well, after the hero falls in love with the heroine at first sight, because she is beautiful, well-groomed, well-read, has super powers, charming, better than anyone and have a lot of qualities extrinsic to one person. From now until the end of the text characters perform many senseless actions that should lead to a vivisection - unspecified action with the same kind of pussy. This is standard in most cases, a change of subject and object of adoration does not change the essence of what is happening. Despite the fact that the image of Mary Sue create many teenagers, it remains about the same. Game developers are very often mask characters such as games for girls Sue, which is meant any popular heroine of the same name, for example, Curly Sue. Many players do not notice the trick and enjoy playing these games parody, but quite funny guys looking for them specifically in the network.