Star Wars online game

Game Star Wars - is unlimited space missions throughout the galaxy and powerful large-scale battles.

George Lucas - a unique person. He managed to create a masterpiece of cinema. The plot is combined with fine detail traced the world, just did blew society. Though the saga has ended, the fans still doing fanfiction and fanart. But not only is the secret of the success of Lucas and his company. The fact that, in parallel with the filmmakers on Lucas Arts game designers work very skillful. Under their guidance, released a few games that were not just successful, but, like the film version, blew the game world. Star Wars play games forced not only to fans of the saga, but also ordinary gamers. Fans of shooters, including the network, just did not fer the soul of the game Batlfront. In this game a player is offered a masterpiece to try himself as an ordinary soldier in the world of Star Wars. The player offers a choice of several versions - a sniper attack aircraft, rocket launcher. He can also play at either side of the conflict - from clones to battle droids of the Trade Federation. The player must capture points, remove specific enemies break through the defense. The game is so dips into the world of Star Wars, that you begin to believe that it all really. Battle of Geonosis can feel uncomfortable consumable. Clones and battle droids killed just so the hero dies, throwing himself on the starting point. Slaughterhouse is nedetskiy: Jedi, giant robots, and many other troops rushing into battle. Come and kill all alone does not work, even if the play as a battle droid killer Trade Federation. After all, the infantry is not able to penetrate the shield, but the fighter or combat platform leaves a blank space on the player with a single shot. Similarly, the protection you can not guarantee that you got into a huge walking robot. From it extremely inconvenient to aim and target escapes, causing the move bulky structure as long as the Gunners will not make it out of a pile of debris. And in a series about the adventures of the Jedi you have to go through a complicated role-playing game where you can become a Jedi and Sith. However, this does not affect the outcome. Therefore, many players claim that the bad is much easier to play, because it forces more practical in combat, while the Jedi skills are more suited for a peaceful solution to the issues. And in the final battle of the Sith easily deals with the boss, and good-natured Jedi would have to run around and eat more than a dozen first-aid kits. Star wars games are very diverse, but they all involve the players. A simple version, without requiring the installation, you can find on this page.