Brave Bear is sitting on the ground and ready to go to carry out the next mission. To join him and his friends can be playing games Special Agent Oso.

Again, we go from the animation to the online fun created based on the original animation. Here is a fun, colorful, musical Oso games for young players who only learn the mystery of gaming space, and are ready to fully develop. It's time to get acquainted with the most daring panda bear, who will lead the expanses of the virtual world. You will learn Oso on the yellow coat and blue rim around his good eye. A thin blue outline is also on the edge of his little ears and he is dressed in a vest, which has yet to reveal its secrets. This is not just a favorite odezhka Bears and irreplaceable thing in his adventures. In her pocket tucked useful little things which will be useful. Still at Oso it has such a wonderful thing as a multifunctional pen - it is a real constructor for any occasion. Playing games Special Agent Oso for free, you will meet with other heroes. Dos - Head and organizer. When it is necessary to send Oso to a particular area, it sends its clock receiver position, and bear with cubs assistants rushing to where help is required. Thanks to the courage, agility and skill, he quickly finds a solution to the problem, of course, with your help. To perform an action, keep a computer mouse to a certain point, and character to follow. In other cases, after pointing the mouse to aim, press the left button and the action will happen. All games Agent Oso aim to educate players useful skills to make them insightful and deft, accurately and quickly. The missions you will find: • collection of objects; • coloring and design; • logical exercise; • games for attentiveness. Get ready for a mission to save the drowning of toys. Boxes with gifts for children opened and turned over when the boat hit a wave. Oso is waiting for test depth, and here it is in a spacesuit preparing to dive. It is necessary to make several dives to pick up from the bottom of all the balls, cars, animals and robots that burrowed into the sandy bottom, caught in the corals and algae. To be even chase fish, fins which are also seen some toys. Online games Special Agent Oso check your attentiveness. It is necessary to remember the order of the pictures, and place in the cell in order after shuffling. From a set of other images, it is necessary to choose one that does not match the meaning of the others. For creative pastime possible games to play Special Agent Oso, painting in bright and vivid colors of the picture. And remember the movie scene, place objects on the site from the menu and dress as the hero, as he was in the frame of the cartoon. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, you will make your memory more retentive. Besides that Oso constantly climbing the mountains, is teetering on the ropes over the precipice, jumping with a parachute, and dives to depths not alien to him, and environmental issues. Everyone wants to live in a clean outside in a neat town. This is possible if every citizen contributes to the preservation of the order of their contribution. Bear shows an example of how to deal with garbage. At first, he collects it in a truck, and then distributes the trash cans. Each container is designed for a specific type of waste - paper bags and newspapers can still be processed and to make new packaging, so they send in the designated bin. Bottles made of glass to a second, and cans - in the third. That all happened, catch the moment when the moving arrow will point to the appropriate container, and then click the mouse, and the cans, bottles or paper fly to the destination.