Space online game

Space online games let you fly between planets to fight with aliens. Space games online made in the genre letalok, shooters, strategies brodilok.

The craving for space expanses accompanied humanity throughout its history. Perhaps the reason is that it is the only thing that a priori can not be definitive knowledge. The universe is infinite, and therefore keeps so many secrets that they will last for hundreds, thousands, millions... Yes, actually at all possible in the future human generations. And as of right now we could not even lift the edge of the curtain that separates us from its main mysteries. That's why each of us has at least a vague idea about the times when the universe will become the home of humanity when it comes into contact and engage with the many people in our and other galaxies civilizations. These views reflect not only fantastic novels and films, but also the online games space. Not least thanks to them and formed a pattern of this world, full of spaceships, unusual creatures, technology, and, unfortunately, planetary-scale military conflict. After all, people in all their fantastic hypotheses primarily focused on their own life experience. And he tells him that no advanced civilization can not do without the desire to win and the other attempts to engage in a variety of military conflicts. Therefore, space games online very often military strategies. They space becomes attractive entourage, which are deployed large-scale battles. Only instead of tanks and planes - spaceships, which the authors of games are usually very futuristic and far from well-known images of their missiles or space station. The very existence of such transport would be a good incentive for the creation of space races. It just happened. Competition flying saucers, space -speed boats and even these air castles found in the speed of their fans - those who are tired of banal modification of the same models of cars in the terrestrial races. Spaceships game, even the most banal, make more fresh and memorable. Although the stories and tasks for players virtually unchanged. In short, the genres in the space games are varied. In this you can see, being in the right section of our site. Here you are waiting for a gold mine games on the space theme in convenient Flash format. Do not forget to download the plugin from our website, through which you can play them. And, as the cosmic classic, let's go!