Online games Snowboard

Winter, snow, mountains and snowboard free online games - what could be better? Choosing your board, track and conquer the mountain tops, leaving from avalanches.

If you ask the fans of extreme sports, what their most favorite winter sport - they did not hesitate to answer - snowboard. Invented back in 1929 by the Austrian Jack Burtsheetom, the sport remains one of the most popular among fans of the snowy slopes. At that time, snowboarding was the only semblance of snowboarding as we know it now. It was an ordinary piece of plywood cut to slide down the slope. Almost fifty years later, Tom Sims, who is considered the founder of the snowboard made of skate board. In form and structure is skate board ideally suited for Sims ideas. At first, no one took this venture Tom seriously, but he did not abandon hope of success. Sims worked hard and in a few years became the world's first manufacturer of snowboards. The company was called SIMS Snowboards (Sims Snowboards). While snowboarding boards looked a little different. They had no attachment for legs. Protected from falls only rope that was wound around the legs and board snowboarder. Over the years, snowboarding gained popularity and today is one of the most popular winter sports. There are plenty of resorts that offer the best descents, mass specialty shops where you can buy everything you need uniforms. There are a number of sports disciplines, among which there are even those who are in the list of Olympic: • Parallel Slalom - distillation on the slopes; • Large Parallel Slalom - designed for larger number of participants; • SBX, boarder-cross - like a race with obstacles; • Halfpipe - jump tricks; • Slope-style - performing tricks on trampolines. Modern design snowboard is very complicated. At the moment, one can distinguish three types of snowboards: • Hard - boards of this type are designed for professional sports. On these boards can easily reach a maximum speed, respectively, requires a high fitness. • Soft - the most common boards for snowboard. Most often used in fristaylinge. • Freeride - boards that are designed for skiing on virgin soil. Have the function of "floating" in the snow. Characterized by a large area of ​​the slip. Unfortunately, not all people can enjoy this sport. The reasons are different: the lack of health or physical fitness, fear, lack of funds for supplies or unsuitable terrain. For this group of people there are online snowboard game in which fans, though virtually snowboarding can find an outlet and have fun. To date, there are games snowboard very different directions. Lovers of fast, unpredictable, dangerous descents to the sea of ​​adrenaline can try yourself in a variety of races and downhill with obstacles. Creative people can create their own design snowboard collection, with different prints, forms etc. etc. The creators of games was not spared and beautiful half of humanity. There are a number of games where you want to help the young lady pick out clothes, accessories, makeup and hair for further entertainment extreme snowboarding. You can also manage your favorite characters on the mountain slopes, such as Superman, Jerry, Naruto, barbie, Mario and of course, the conqueror of winter - Santa. So do not get discouraged if you do not yet have the opportunity yet, snowboarding live. Conquer the snowy slopes and sharp jumps online.