Free Game The Smurfs

We invite you to play online games Smurfs, where you will surely enjoy playing with blue humans resembling gnomes, but living in their smurfzakonam.

Smurfs are very similar to the appearance of dwarfs, only the color of their skin blue. Between themselves, they too are not much different, because all dressed in white caps and trousers, only some of them have distinctive features, such as: Slick stands pencil behind his ear and unitard. Their growth is not more than three apples high, and in the speech appears in so many words, the prefix "smurf": smurfyagody, smurfavtomobil and so on. Heroes have their own character and the names and ages of all except Crumbs Smurfs, nannies, Pope Smurfetty and grandfather - a hundred years. Female characters is also very little - basically the entire population consists of men. Smurfs live in mushroom-shaped structures, and the village itself - Cursed Earth, hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated. Only if the Smurfs themselves want to show you the way, you can find it. But to get there, we must make a long and difficult path that runs through the treacherous swamps, mountain ranges and the high desert heat. You can still use magic, if you know how, and the villagers themselves, to get information from distant lands, moved to smurfaistah. But it is not all smooth relations residents. Once a single territory was divided into two and now represents the northern and southern regions. "Bone of contention" was the word "smurf", namely its correct use. If northerners claim that the opener should be called "smurfbutylka" that hot blood of southerners insist on the word form "smurfnozh." Online games Smurfs offer interesting ideas for entertainment. Opening the next, you find yourself in a new story and take part in their fun adventures. Smurfs never happy, always in business and know what to fill your leisure and your. Their activity is apparent everywhere, but because sport their natural occupation. Hop on your bike and go on a tour of the Cursed Earth. With a smile on his lips overcome obstacles and collect artifacts, gain game points and pass the levels. Will also save a holiday in a small country, seeking gifts that kidnapped villain. To return the festive mood and the atmosphere in the village, hurry to find all the hidden boxes, defeat the enemies while avoiding the pitfalls. If all the other road to dreamland Smurfs closed, Gargamel found there way to long and now when approaching the New Year, he grabbed the Smurfs and holds them captive. Only on Klamsi all hope, who went disembarrass friends. But we must hurry to the evil wizard is not hungry and did not eat our heroes. On another occasion, when Gargamel steals the Smurfs again, come to the rescue of Pope Smurf. He will have to solve a puzzle to blow special potion and open the cage, and for this we need to collect different colored squares and two more. Also you have to help Smurfette and softies find his way home. These two enthusiastic walk and get lost in the woods. Imagine this, of course, difficult, but they really are lost, and now unaided not know how to get to your settlement. And to play free games can Smurfs together, using just one keyboard. And who would not want to visit the famous smurfrestoran, which serves the most exquisite delicacy, especially because all the games for free Smurfs presented for entertainment? It's all very familiar - are seated guests receive and execute orders, and service should be swift and pleasant. Also offers coloring books and puzzles, and girls like smurfodevalki where so interesting transform funny blue men.