Simulation games for girls for free

Simulation games for girls include games on cooking, or machine control business, real life simulation.

Imagine the situation: a boy and a girl watching the same animated series. For example, a popular teen anime. The plot is the same, the authors have placed the emphasis quite clearly. But, in most cases, the viewer sees two different sexes are completely different cartoons. The boy was interested in various aspects of plot and action. A girl draws attention to building relationships. Why is that? It is believed that this is - the result of patriarchal upbringing. A man with a child is oriented to the fact that he has to take a place in the sun, relying solely on their own resources - intelligence, ingenuity, business acumen, in the end, the primitive physical strength. A girl in extreme variants are raised as a potential fish - hangers. Its mission - to know all the intricacies of relationships, human reactions and psychological nuances. She needs to be able to manipulate a man so that he willingly shared her resources extracted using brains and fists. Thus, a woman can manifest itself in the world, improving two things - his own appearance and manipulative skill. At first glance, it seems that it demonstrate its themed game simulators for girls. Hairdressers, dress up, manicure, sim date. This is sort of basic training for women in the mating season. Create an attractive shell - it will help cover a wider range of victims. Wait until the male is taken the bait and reap the benefits. But in fact not all that bad. Gradually games for girls simulators make more unconventional. Reservation that it is not about universal girls' games or trying to play a game for boys. This flash, clearly labeled as a game for the weak half of humanity. And they began to appear emphasis on the fact that a girl can drive a car, be the owner of a coffee shop or beauty salon, care for horses and do surgery at the hospital. Yes, women in real life to cope with all of this on a par with men. But the patriarchal mythology prefers not to notice. Leaving the woman a narrow niche of human priori unproductive and parazitichnogo. That, of course, does not correspond to reality. It is for those parents who do not adhere to the dense patterns, we've gathered a collection of simulation for girls. Where a par with traditionally feminine dress up and others like them, are gender neutral, and games for the female audience. And those and others - absolutely free!