Simple games for free online

The mini-games are good because they can quickly and easily get started to move on the playing levels. Simple games like and experienced gamers - they can be good fun.

On the eve of the New Year, many gamers are fanatically searching the Internet for the latest news from the world of computer games. The fact that the developers of two megapoulyarnyh game series announced at the beginning of 2012 the output of continuing their games. In particular, it is about the adventures of the Assassins and the star of the saga of Captain Shepard Mass Effect. And just recently saw the light of the third game in the history of the world famous series of successful comeback. After the success of the second part of StarCraft and successfully exited the third Fallout, the world saw the third episode of Serious Sam. The game is made in the best traditions of the game the previous two series. Mass of blood, flesh and mochilovo just at the highest level. But mixed out continuing two legendary series - GTA and Mafia. Opinions on the fourth part of the Grand Theft Auto and Mafia sequel split so that many people can not give a clear assessment of these games. The difference is in the range of impressions from the failure without the spirit and atmosphere to the best games of all time. Although the fact that the producers of video gaming vying compete in the championship game of advanced graphics rendering, yet proves that the game came out more successful than failure. Why this obvious analysis? The fact that all the system requirements of a game of scale. Even if you manage to run the game on many computers is not quite fresh, to get the maxim of graphics and gaming effects will be difficult for any hardware, released before the game's release. To tell the truth, even if the standard sistemkami MMORPGs are the requirements for the video card at no less than 256 megabytes. And that's just the bottom bracket, many of them, for example, World Tanks, show average even on cards with a gigabyte of memory! In such a situation, it seems quite unique phenomenon occurring in the world of football simulators. Quite surprising is the fact that most games svezhak - FIFA 2012 do not differ on the system requirements from the previous version. In this case, there is such a situation that almost every game requires updating new items of iron, at least on the part of the video card. With income in our country and in neighboring countries, such a disposition seems unreal. I doubt whether the one who can Spend about $ 500 for the latest model of video card has enough time to play games that often. It is precisely because of these aspects of domestic life and simple games are gaining popularity. And you can play from the office and home computer is not necessary to update more than once a ten-year.