I'm looking for free games

I'm looking for games like young pathfinders who love to solve puzzles, search for clues, how to get out of captivity and play online training observation.

We are all looking for something - answers things out, the road. In a life full of cases, when we are in a difficult situation and can not find what you need. Especially difficult to do this when in a hurry, late. And the more we are nervous, rush, the scattered become. But I'm looking for free games, it's fun, which simulates life situations. Here, too, for a limited time it is necessary to perform a job search, and if often refer to such subjects, you develop into experience, able to help in building a logical chain of reasoning in real life. Games to look for items very useful. They develop the ability to observe, analyze, compare, act quickly and logically. This is a real adventure, no matter where you dwell: in the children's room, the kitchen, the excavations in the jungle, museum, tomb, trendy studio. Your task - to find all the items mentioned in the list of the list of images or shadows. Elements reliably masked from inquisitive look. Only closely, you notice that the line object undergoes changes and added extra detail. You can push the branches of bushes and find a desired or look in the closet to see the missing item. Sometimes in the quest there is an additional task - to open the door, you should find her key. All I'm looking for free games for all age groups are represented. There are plots complex, multi-level, with the dialogue, which also is good, because the characters give the job and sent to the correct track. The children younger acquire search experience with cartoon characters, helping them with the collection of gifts, cosmetics, sweets, stars and hearts. They can seek and pictures that depict scenes of cinematic history. And if the boys enthusiastically looking for details on the background of machines, robots, weapons, ninja, sports theme, the girls choose to look for items free games more attractive to them subjects. This fashion, cooking, dolls and mermaids, princesses and fairies. In each case there is a background and with Barbie, Winx, Ariel, Moxie, Cinderella, Rapunzel and other beauties can be collected on a date, travel, competition, the New Year. In perimeter must find items of clothing, cosmetics and jewelry. And gathered all in one frame, you will be offered to continue the search at the next. Free Games to look for items to develop the theme of infinity. But you should not only find the missing pieces, and find out where they are best applied. Topics also full of variety, and fans ostrenkoe sensations can go to the cemetery at night to spend there an investigation. Exit the room is also included in this section, and get ready to get out of the most unexpected places. Closed hoppers are full of snares, spaceships aliens do not portend anything positive in abandoned buildings many dangerous passages, medieval castles - these mazes. Get out of them is a matter of dangerous and complicated. But even a cozy room can become a cell that can not leave. Searching codes, hints, keys of the locked doors, hidden arms, artifacts, capable of activating the altars. Together with the pirates go on a treasure hunt and search for sunken ship items and do not forget that the air in the balloon is about to end. You can also practicing a memory, looking for cards with identical images or differences in the figures. In each case, their conditions and tasks, but if you're one of the curious explorers and adventurers, you still owe will not leave this column.