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School Games Monsters Hae free online. School Games Monsters free

School Monsters online game - this is another product created based on the animated series "School Monster Xay." As you know, we will go on all sorts of monsters, but different from the usual for us monsters, frightening and horrible. This school is quite friendly kids of their terrible parents: vampires, zombies, werewolves and mummies. All of these extraordinary kids even look much more attractive and can be called real beauties. They are quite familiar to us lifestyle, solve immediate problems, going to parties and dating, do their homework, they like to dress up. But due to the fact that they have inherited from their parents characteristics, it is sometimes difficult to deal with some aspects. For example, Drakulaura - Blood of Dracula's daughter, does not see himself in the mirror and had to ask the bridesmaids as it looks. Sets it apart from the precious ancestor and vegetarianism - she does not eat the blood, and considers it his main achievement. But for her gentle sun is still bad and she was hiding from him under an umbrella. She also got himself a pet - a flying mouse Earl Magnificent, and despite his young appearance, she has already knocked 1,600 years. All School Monster Hai are free so you can enjoy the familiarity with the other characters of the series and dolls, which have become collector's items, even in grown ladies. Fans of horror will find the charming Claudine Woolf - daughter of a werewolf. It is so beautiful that it is hard to believe if her ancestor the wolf itself. She loves clothes, but especially prefers golden color. She is friends with Drakolauroy and does not feel the difference in age, though she was only fifteen years old. Her pet - cat Crescent, though it is believed that dogs do not like cats. Blue Lagoon same age Claudine and daughter of the sea monster. She came from Australia, where she studied earlier in the school, "Wrong Side", but in software exchange students came to America and then became friends with some local teens. Even you vstrelite Frankie Stein, of which the youngest of the group, because she had just turned fifteen days. Her father - a monster of Dr. Frankenstein and pet - puppy Vatzit. She is difficult to establish a friendly relationship, but cute character and interpersonal skills for sure it will help. Another girl - daughter of the Mummy named Cleo de Nile, which celebrated its 5842 year. Apparently it was such an impressive age made her more strongly in dialogue, although it does not prevent her to be popular. She's got himself a cobra, calling it Hizett. And finally, Gulia Yelps - the successor of Zombies. It highlights the lack of speech - the biggest drawback of all zombies, and therefore have to pantomime, but for a good school is not a problem and it is considered the intellectual girl and her pet - Owl Ser Ux-uh-lot. School Games Monsters free schools open their doors unusual for you. Now you can join the circle of unusual company to make a new hairstyle by going with the girls in the beauty salon, and pick an outfit for next Halloween or every day, to make the appropriate manicure and then go on a date with the guy of her dreams. As an active teenager, our girls are monsters actively involved in sports, swim in the surf, speaking at the dancers, support your school team players. School online game Monster doing everything possible to make you not afraid of hereditary monsters become their best friends, which is always fun, and you can come up with unusual entertainment, such as going to the seabed and destroy fish-killers.