Meet the little mouse Remy, who became the hero of online games Ratatouille. He drags products from the refrigerator, likes to cook and offers to play in his adventures.

A fascinating story about a little pup with extraordinary culinary talent conquered all in 2008 thanks to the work of director Brad Bird and studio Pixar. Cartoon managed to win not only the hot love of the audience, but also the highest awards. Little Remy certainly not gathered the box office, but remained forever in the hearts of viewers and is set kids 6 years with great pleasure reviewing this great cartoon. Story of a little pup: Remy lived with his beloved relatives in the wilderness, in the old attic. All his life he dreamed of becoming a chef, but who will take to himself a rat? The poor fellow every time dropped out free time - to explore new and innovative recipes in the hope that his dream will come true. One day, after the kid lost his family, he finds himself in Paris, where he met Alfredo Linguini. They quickly find common ground and begin to work together. Ahead of their many adventures on the way, but the friendship, the desire to dream and make miracles in the end, everyone gets what they wanted. The main characters: Remy - small rat who dreams of becoming a great cook. Has a terrific taste. Linguine - simple and very kind young man, an assistant in the kitchen Gusteau. Colette - woman chef, a real fighter, lover Linguine. Antoine Ego - one of the most influential restaurant critics in Paris. Zhivoder - angry chef who wants to take the glory of "Gusteau" in their nefarious purposes. Auguste Gusteau - cooking genius. Jango - Remy father. Emil - little brother Remy. Of course, with the advent of the cartoon on the screens, which is rapidly gaining popularity, developers have set about creating a variety of games about the adventures of a rat Remy. First appeared a video game "Ratatouille." The game was created for different consoles and operating systems. The essence of the game was not only in the preparation of various dishes, but also to prevent enemies to take over the restaurant. After it began to appear like mushrooms online flash games Ratatouille. Games themselves have a huge set: catch-up, cooking, puzzle, attentiveness. Ratatouille games to play online is always fun and exciting. Consider the most interesting. One of the most interesting games can be called "Cooking Lesson - Ratatouille." The essence of the game is to cook ratatouille is not worse than it was preparing Remy. The game itself is striking in its realism. Cooking process is as close to what happens in the kitchen in real life. In turn we diced sliced ​​vegetables - onion, eggplant, tomato, zucchini, zucchini, peppers, garlic and fresh herbs, throw everything on a hot frying pan and stir until cooked. It feels like it's not just a game, but a real culinary training. After passing these games you can safely go to the kitchen and demonstrate what you have learned in the game. The second game, which is to pay attention - "Ratatouille stores products." In this game you are given the products on the shelf. Products that you need to remember - are marked in red. After a few seconds of viewing the color denoting disappear and you need help to find the right ne'er Linguine products. If a game where you feel yourself administrator restaurant. Problem, as it turns out, is not easy. One must be very careful that no client is gone from you hungry, unhappy with the service or in a bad mood. In addition there are a large number of puzzles with their favorite characters, puzzles, games for attentiveness and vigilance. So do not take the time to play in the great online games Ratatouille.