Online games for girls race

Not only boys love to ride on high-speed machines, and so are games for girls race. Pink convertibles, flowers by the roadside - all this racing game for girls.

Speed ​​- what attracts people for many hundreds of years. There is a version that Icarus flew not only for the feeling of flying, but also for speed. But technological progress changes the perception of certain things, transforming the ordinary into a completely banal everyday process. This happened with lightning, which over the centuries has evolved from wrath of the gods in quite explainable processes eclectic character. In the automobile sector, too, there are such changes. The woman behind the wheel are nothing new, so that gradually the market buckled under a new customer. There are female models of car, there are a number of car accessories aimed at women. The gaming industry, striving to keep up with life in the real world, is also trying to give the consumer what he asks, that is something that has at least the minimum demand. And as in the gaming world with one of the most popular genres are the race, the game designers are trying to adapt game content under the female consumer. So there were narrow-profile racing games that have characteristics according to gender. Such games for girls make the race a little bit glamorous and beautiful. If a man needs a cool tuning, nitro acceleration and fancy wheels, the majority of girls will be interested in any uzorchikami, specific painting and some beautiful characters depicted on some of the cars. So it is very easy to distinguish the classical, that is aimed at a wide audience, the game on the racing theme from that which was created specifically for the weak half. Racing games for girls, as a rule, have a specific coloring. For example, cars in these games is mostly pink. Yes, and they are not marked on the beautiful airbrush paintings, and some little animals, butterflies and Hello Kitty. This is to ensure that the girl playing in this kind of game, and was able to race track feel myself in a familiar environment. Another kind of games is the race of some creatures are touched. Though not necessarily on the car, for example, you can play for Hello Kitty in a race against the other characters on the rollers. You can also fight, playing for the Penguins or any heroes popular girls' animated series, cartoons and movies. The main thing is that the game was a little more pink, more of that from which it is in healthy men there is a gag reflex. This enigmatic emotion turns any race in the race for the girls. All of them - on this page.