Prince of Persia for free

Prince of Persia very dynamic game where the protagonist makes a brave princess. Offer to play games online Prince of Persia in the classic version or improvements.

Children growing up in the 90s, already an old man's right to speak, the classic on time, on manners. After all, the modern media market is full of... It's hard to say anything. Allusions, reminiscences, feeble imitation or outright plagiarism. In today's language hodgepodge of these complex concepts veiled behind the simple words like cover, and a remake of a sequel. Characters come to life on the silver screen, which were popular in the world of comics since 50 years ago, the market for animated Europeans blatantly steal and spoil the anime, but in the gaming world... The game world is now largely subordinated to the cinema. Although there are exceptions. For example, the game Prince of Persia story served as the basis for the film. Although the idea of ​​the author meant the series, the movie as well, just always went to hell (as seen through the eyes of the fans of the classic game ), so the extension is unlikely to see the light. As for generations, then the example of the game is very easy to show the ratio of the 90 children and adolescents today. Thus, the children of the first post-Soviet decade playing Prince of Persia on consoles and the first computers. It was one of the favorite games of the period. It was a two-dimensional platoformer in which the hero had to find a way through the level, avoiding all the traps and defeating the difficult battles with swords. Favorite game of two generations for a long time in the history of the game came in the world, and she still lives in a flash and java versions of the emulator in the network. And then there were three-dimensional version, the latest of which was published in 2010. The second coming of the Prince of Persia in the game world also has a lot of fans. They are, of course, refer to a type players. Younger accustomed to three-dimensional and dynamic. Play Prince of Persia for them - it means a world of eye-popping stunts, dynamic and spectacular battles. This game is rather a series of games that already uses a radically new ways - parkour, special effects, advanced physical model. As can be seen, the two games are very different from each other, although devoted to a single topic. It is difficult to imagine that fans of the game is so different eras would play both games simultaneously. So, the debate over the present Prince of Persia never run out. Unless, that is both the appearance of the game will go into oblivion. And that you yourself understand the opposition, we recommend to play games on this page. They will allow you to read both the classical version of the game, and with simplified versions of three-dimensional flash geymproduktov on this topic. But what to play - let everyone take a decision for themselves.