Popeye the Sailor is a funny game will please you meet with your favorite characters and exciting adventures. Games have different genres: dress up games, quests, racing, puzzles and coloring.

Among all the known world public superheroes, stands a simple sailor, who gets his heroic virtue of the most common product - spinach in the bank. His name is Popeye the sailor, and he is the main hero of the cartoon about the adventures of a sailor Popeye before the American comics are drawn. Character sailor funny enough as drawn in the comics, and then in the cartoons. He is middle-aged, with a peculiar manner of pronunciation of certain words and speech in general. Sailor constantly narrows one eye, and it is unknown whether he has it all. At Papaya huge muscled forearm, which is two tattoos of anchors - one on each. Above arm on quite thin, but that does not mean that he can not raise some difficult subjects as the story progresses. Like all sailors, dad likes to smoke his pipe, which is made from corn cob. In this tube there is another feature - it can be used as a boatswain's whistle. He is very strong, but if he has to face the challenges that are beyond him, he eats a jar of spinach, and his forces are several times more. The image of a sailor Popeye has become very popular among both children and adults. Subconsciously, it shows how important it is to eat the right foods in order to become stronger. In 2015 it is planned to be released on the animated feature about the adventures of a sailor. In the meantime, the creators of preparing to enter masterpiece, many developers of computer games in full develop the theme of the character in their works. On our site you can play games online Popeye the sailor. We have selected the best games that can be found only on the Internet and in the sale and put them in the same category. Games suitable for the entire family, because they do not have any specific genre. All that connects them to each other - the protagonist. To your attention, a description of some, the most interesting in our opinion, games of this category. 1). Popeye motocross. Game for fans of arcade racing game. You need to get the bike from start to finish, while collecting cans of spinach to the seaman had something to recharge his powers to the next level. Playing like the entire team fans line games Gravity Defied. 2). Popeye biker. Another game of the genre of arcade racing game. On a bike you have to drive on a bumpy road motorcycle gathering with bundles of spinach. At the end of each level you will receive bonus points for which you can buy a new motorcycle and steep. 3). Rapid Attack Papaya. Toy-platformer in which you have a limited time to get to his beloved Popeye, jumping over obstacles and collecting power-ups. The game has only 40 levels, so bored you just do not have. 4). Popeye the sailor. Game for the little ones, in which you need as you wish to decorate the picture with the most famous sailor in the world. This is not the whole list of games that you will find on our site. Read the other, we offer you our own. All Popeye the sailor available online for free, in fact, like all the games that you can find on our portal. To play the game do not need to register or download games on your computer - all are available round the clock online. You just need to choose your favorite arcade and enjoy the game. If you like to watch cartoons with Dad starring if you like funny and interesting games of various genres, if you are looking for entertainment for the whole family or you want to fine spend their free time - welcome to a category of games: you'll find here everything you need to do this!