The main heroine of the game online Polly Pocket loves costumes, parties and photos. Joining in the fun free help transform the girl and make beautiful pictures.

Having a best friend in real life, you share her secrets, gossip, you go to the cinema and a disco. If you share our joy and failures with someone not so hard to bear this burden for their own shoulders. Nice to know that we can always meet or call just to chat or discuss important event. So why not find a girlfriend in the same virtual world her to accompany you to the activities involved in adventures and share your interests? Polly Pocket Games introduce you to the perky, cheerful special, which will become your best friend at the time, until you learn the wisdom of fashion, learn to dance and take pictures. Together to do all this much better, but because Take a closer look and start a tour of the games, where you collected the most exciting offers. Now you can leave alone makeup and tear my mother's nerves in vain. Experimenting with makeup is best done during the games for girls Polly Pocket and absolutely do not have to wait for the mother leaves the house. We have everything you need and even more to teach you the right to use all means, because beauty is not just lipstick and mascara, and the whole complex to care for the skin. Even if the younger generation's enough to wash and clean the skin with lotion, knowledge can be obtained in advance to use them when the time comes. Experienced beautician will see to it that you do not mix up the order manipulation, and tell what compounds should be applied at the moment. Scrubs, lotions, masks, creams in tubes and jars are placed on the shelves and ready to use them together to achieve results canceled. When the preliminary procedures are completed, you can start the most creative part of the job - applying makeup. Woman to detail always thinks its image. There is no way that caring for a person, she forgets to do her hair, manicure brush up and get dressed in new ways. Visit our barber shop with Polly and make stylish hairstyle. Then go to the dressing room to come up with a stunning outfit. Find details of clothes and try them on heroin. If you do not like the T-shirt is sitting or she may not be combined with new breeches, replace it with another, instead put a t-shirt or tunic top. And when the suit is ready, it's time to show it to friends who have been waiting for you at the disco. Going to a dance club and show recently unlearning dance. Catch to push the keyboard arrows to indicate the direction of movement of Polly. If you do not go astray, she will win the boys their feline grace. Being a girl today, she enjoys photography and is ready to shoot landscapes, animals and birds. But especially her love dolphins, which are so fun jumping out of the water, showing the difficult stunts, flying through hoops, playing ball and doing flips in the air dangerous. She tries to catch every moment of this and invites you to take part in the fun. This girl is so brave that is not afraid to jump with a parachute. She likes to float in the air streams, collecting useful artifacts, and the need to move away from a collision with birds and thunderclouds flight only adds excitement during the game Polly Pocket. The next time she travels on rollers or demonstrates skills designer, furnished conservatory, shop and kennel for pets. It seems there is nothing that Polly did not know how. And you? Maybe it's time to start the game and also learn useful skills in order to become even more popular among classmates?