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Offer to play games Pokémon online and collect their fantastic fighters. Free games Pokemon games colorful, fun and have an interesting story.

Another culture - it is always a different way of thinking. Therefore, even iconic worldwide art representatives of the nation that created them, and the other is perceived in different ways. For example, the Japanese love of Dostoevsky's work. But surely any Slavic Guardian spirituality Made Institute Fyodor would have fallen into a state of shock after hearing that draws in his works descendant of samurai. The same situation, but on the contrary, there was a Japanese cult characters such as Pokemon. What do you think, why Satoshi Tajiri created a computer game with similar characters? No, not in order to please the kids funny baby animals. From his point of view, the game Pokémon make attractive in the first place the collecting passion. After all, in the original game the emphasis was placed on the fact that the players have changed between them collected Pokémon with a cable that can connect to each other two consoles. And the thought came to the author, because as a child he collected insects. And I still believe that a person brings a collection of collections of unique emotions. Does not that unusual approach? Have their reasons and why Pokémon and live in small boxes. Satoshi Tajiri explained by the fact that, first, the little monsters are easy to control. And compared them with negative emotions and negative qualities of man. He or controls, keeping in box ( a ) or unleashes. Agree, a background of the game could hardly have come up with Slavic game designer, who would certainly have babbled something about please the kiddies and bring them to a piece of joy. But Pokemon games even without this complicated background to make fun for children and adolescents. After the release of the anime and its triumphal march across the planet, a lot of flash games with Japanese monsters out of the box. Most of them are devoted to the most famous Pokemon - Pikachu. There is little that is left of the original platformers games, they develop the canons of modern gaming, using all of the most popular genres - from shooters to fighting and platforming. Of course, we could not help but pay attention to the Japanese kawaii monsters. So they have created for their own tag on our site. There is quite an extensive collection of games involving Pokemon that are sure will please kids of a wide age range. Especially, our website allows you to play them for free for all in a convenient online.