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Lovers of the old cartoon cartoons just need to know such a masterpiece as the Pink Panther. This collection of mini-cartoon-fronted on television screens since the early 70s and got a lot of different bonuses. Music with cartoon became recognizable almost everywhere. And in 1995, broadcaster Metro-Goldwyn Meyer Animation animated series revived after a break, and he once again became one of the most popular among both children and adults. To date, millions of people around the world with pleasure reviewing Adventures of the Pink Panther, the likes of which very little. Each episode of the animated series is not connected with each other and its main idea is that the Panther is trying every way to annoy another cartoon character - a man with a big nose. However, at the end of the cartoon, it often fails. In the cartoon, exiting in the 70 80s, the main characters were just two: The Pink Panther - the protagonist of the cartoon. It is a hero, as a panther is masculine for the animated series. Just a panther, though not with the first series, but then came the name Pinky. Throughout the series she tries to spoil a man with a big nose. Also completely pink panther has large yellow eyes. A man with a big nose - the second character of the animated series. In each series, he tries to engage in a variety of the most ordinary things: helping builders, sleeps, walks, builds his house. All would be good if he did not have to try to calm the parallel annoying panther, which prevents him. In 1995 he added a few more characters, and Panther has learned to talk. Ant anteater - a prototype of a player when one is trying to gobble up another. However, the ant is always trying to escape from an anteater, of course, not without the help of the Pink Panther. Inspector - finally appeared in the animated series detective. Since the animated series was filmed on the grounds of a documentary about speculators, the detective had to appear in the cartoon. Very frequently in various hazardous situations and gets very close to death, however, Panther helps him survive. Song's father - another parody of the original film. Dog and his gang try to steal various jewels, but the way they get our protagonist. Thelma - little girls, who loves to be pampered and vandalize. Panther respects and calls Mister, but precisely because it often goes Panther. Leicester - a dark-skinned boy. As well as Thelma, pampered, but if Panther need help - it helps him. Professor Vaughn Shmarti - small uncle, similar to the famous scientist Albert Einstein. Most likely, it was conceived and multipliers, as even slightly professor talking with a German accent. Cartoon characters immediately became popular among game developers. The Pink Panther has become a symbol of stealth and something unusual. The Pink Panther Games produced in large volumes for many game consoles. Games Pink Panther enjoyed great popularity among players. Our site is no exception, and we picked the most exclusive toys, for example, such as the Pink Panther Games legacy. Contrary to the proposition that to pay for everything, Pink Panther games available for free. They do not need any download to your computer or install. If you have a free minute or you have a bad mood - Free Games Pink Panther you certainly raise it and deliver memorable experiences pleasant sea.