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Online games refer to the Penalty section of toys football. Try to play with concentration to score the decisive goal against the enemy, but do not miss the ball in his.

Every sport provides its own system of fines for violation of the rules. And since this column is devoted to a particular game - football, then it will be such a concept as a "penalty." Such penalty shall be imposed in a case where a player has committed some breach on the penalty area. In this case, the judge awards a free kick that must be made on goal from eleven meters from them. Interested in the history of a penalty. One time was popular assertion that it was invented by a football expert, Irishman John McCain Penalty. However, we have shown that such a person has never been, and authorship belongs innovations Wilma MakKramu also an Irishman, and the free-kick called death penalty - death. Penalties officially became part of football rules in 1891, which contributed to the persistent struggle for integrity control of the football club "Stoke City". He hated rivals and unsporting behavior, losing both times with 0:1, he insisted on the revision of the rules. First time in the last seconds hand hit the ball the opponent, and the second - threw it into the stands, and while the ball was returned, the time allotted for the game came out. Naturally, you're wondering why all the same penalty called mortal death. McCrae was a textile industrialist, and son of a millionaire, and football for him - passion, an outlet from the pressing troubles. He stood at the gate, when his team "Milford" participated in meetings with other football teams. But not always behaved honestly rivals, and it depressed MakKrama. Then he proposed to tighten the rules, assigning a shot on goal from twelve yards for those who decided to bypass football canons. A whole year of his proposal did not find support, and called himself an innovator Irish nationalist who defames the good name and honor of the true gentlemen. At the same time, Thomas Alva Edison worked on the electric chair, and his work was nearing its end. To discourage MakKrama promote his idea, rationalization proposal began to compare with the invention of Edison, called his death penalty - a deadly penalty. However, we see that no reproaches did not affect the determination of the manufacturer and the rules of football have been revised. Today football fans not imagine a game without penalty. This is always a stressful time makes tremble and keep fingers crossed for good luck of his team. Passions and experience the feeling when everything inside freezes, help free games online penalty. Football has always gathers a crowd of fans, and there is a point where it becomes boring. And yet, there are some nuances loving adventurers especially. And if a strike from twelve yards for you is one of them, then the game you like soccer penalty is mandatory. Just open one of the suggestions, and you'll find yourself in the role of a player who has to break through the protection of the gate and bring his team to the winners. A little bit of training, and you compete with the best real players, and coming to the stadium and playing football with friends - hit them with their new skills. Games for boys penalty - this is another opportunity to join the game of all generations. If you have assigned a mission to score from the penalty spot, try to justify the confidence and enthusiastic exclamations not keep you waiting. Discovering games for boys soccer penalty, you can also become the gate and not let the ball slip into them. But the big news is that you have access to free game penalty.