Game locks online

Castle defense flash games allow the player to control the valiant troops and powerful weaponry.

Ballistic simulators, as well as a variety of simulations of physical models included in the fashion game for a long time. It is not strange, since many of the older generation, it is perhaps the primary purpose of a computer - to figure out the behavior of real things in this or that situation. However, it was also quite attractive for players of all ages. The first game of this kind can be regarded as castles or in the original - kastlz. The point of this game is very simple: you have to volley gun hoping to break the enemy's castle before he will do it with yours. This simple game can get hold of a computer all day, because the wind and other conditions are calculated randomly, and the number of gradations provisions increased too, so will be able to zero in no more than two turns. In addition, the game supports game on one computer, two players, which makes the battle with your friends simply fascinating. No MMO does not match the Gambling with this game. After all players is equal, no chance to bend, but his own ability to play here and there can not be, this is what is the secret of the game, which once captivated millions. Nowadays, this kind of game - it is flush. Game locks are very different, because in order to attract the public, under the name of hiding a very different concept of the game world. Thus, under the locks should also understand the physical simulations. For example, in one of those games you are the commander of the army of barbarians, besieging castles monarchist. In the castle is a king, queen, princes and princesses, as well as some of the squires. The task - to shoot the enemy's castle, consisting of various kinds of structures, so that all the defenders were killed. Do you have a catapult, the enemy is not fired off. Easy? It was not there. Greatly complicates the task of a limited number of shots, but for starters there is a premium for the win with one shot. At every level actually exists the point which destroy locking at a time. Or destroy the only overlap, which will destroy everyone inside. With each level locks are becoming more complex and reservation purposes becomes more and they are put into more secure place. Weapons Player also improved - first log, then the stones and iron shells and even bombs. In addition, each species has a top-end version with triple the shell. Try to calculate the behavior of the charge and find a leverage point shot themselves - on this page.