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Soviet children were not aware of the existence of the cartoon Tom and Jerry. And their contemporary peers never heard of it Soviet counterpart - the animated series, Well, wait a minute! Only one generation could initially to tears laughing over ridiculous adventures wolf and the hare, and in a few years to watch the hilarious cat and mouse confrontation. And he and the other cartoon, of course, is a cult classic for its time and will forever remain in the history of animation. Now replaced by a nameless wolf and the hare, for that matter, and that the cat with mouse Jerry, come to completely different characters. American cartoon even won quite postmodern kinotsitaty. In the popular animated series The Simpsons Bart and Lisa each evening watching Scratchy cartoon about a cat and a mouse tickled that in each series is very bloodthirsty straighten each other. The allusion is obvious. Well, wait a minute! Is gained fame not only on the silver screen, but in the world of games. Every child of the '90s remembers the pocket toy electronics, Well wait a minute. Actually, in the search for her regularly disturbs the generation search engines queries like, Well, wait a minute games for free. If we use modern terminology, it was a primitive clicker. Hero was a wolf, which caught in a wicker basket on all sides falling eggs. There are no references to the plot of the cartoon is not. The image of the hero has been taken purely because he was well aware of the post-Soviet children. There was an urban legend that if you pass the whole game without an error, in the sense of without a broken egg, you will see on the tiny screen to anyone not well-known series Well, wait a minute! Of course, it was just a fun fabrication. A play, Well, wait a minute! Made in the first instance by the fact that it was the first Pocket PC game. Tetris and Tamagotchi became objects of worship until much later. Thus, the majority of online games well, wait a minute devoted not so much the cartoon as a toy. And are, as though it may sound curious, board games simulator games. Indeed, in many versions on the screen in front of you there is exactly the pocket toy with which you arm or special Controls press the right buttons. Each fun and very nostalgic. So play well, wait a minute free invites everyone to our site. Under this tag we have collected not only all the variations on the theme of old toys, but also a lot of flash games on this Soviet multgeroya. They give you a chance to at least a few minutes back on cloudless days of childhood.