Measured life cat Oggy is threatened. Blame bother Stamps, Dee Dee and Joey. Play games Oggy and the Cockroaches online and give the cat to deal with cockroaches.

Funny cat Auggie almost never goes out of his home, despite the fact that three of its neighbors - cunning cockroaches permanently reduce Auggie crazy. Games Oggy and the Cucaracha describe adventures of a cat in the fight with the evil cockroaches constantly mocked owner of the house. Playing Auggie and Cucaracha game online, you have to help the cat to save him from the traps that were placed throughout the house cockroaches. "Oggy and the Cucaracha" - a French animated series in the comedy genre. The release of the series involved in the company Gaumont Multimedia, letting out a series of new screens from 1998 to 2008 with a five-year break. Then there was another break, after which the series was resumed in the translation of the fourth season in 2012. According to the story of the animated series cat Auggie resides in its own two-story house in the suburbs. Auggie prefers peace, and spends his leisure time either watching television or for the preparation of a delicious meal, and absorption. Everything would be fine, and in the life of a typical couch potatoes all would be calm and beautiful, if not a trio of pesky neighbors, twisted sense of humor that makes life calm cat into a nightmare. It's about three cockroaches that are trying at any convenient opportunity to annoy Auggie. Cartoon referred to the category of animated series, which is used to create funny situations of violent heroes. Exaggerate the quality animation kicks, punches, steps, dropping explosives falling on his head and the truth of various items, make certain moments of cartoon funny. However, sometimes this animated series and take the shape of some sitcom or comedy characters, vividly describing and ridiculing the shortcomings of a character. The reason is that over time, the French animators tried to diversify the series by adding new storylines and views on a particular situation. The reason for the confrontation that had been established between the protagonists of the series, was not disclosed. The viewer becomes clear only that it lasts for a long period of time. In particular, in one episode tells that Auggie was suffering from clever tricks cockroaches even when he was a small kitten. The real truth of the series lies in the fact that, as in other confrontations of this kind, Auggie tied to their oppressors, and they, in turn, tied to it. Getting rid of one of the series of annoying neighbors, Auggie starts to miss them, and to brighten up even the boredom begins to mimic the behavior of himself and tricks cockroaches. The main characters of the series: Auggie - the main character in the series. Bit lazy cat who distinguishes good nature and love of domosedstvu. Prefers in his leisure simple life of joy. In food prefers sweet pastries, he often trains his culinary skills; Jack - male cousin Auggie. The exact opposite of good-natured Auggie: often angry, very emotional, a clear pragmatist, incapable of sentimental feelings. It was during the nights Jack visiting Auggie happen and those rare acts of retaliation towards cockroaches; Joey - the leader of the cockroaches, who himself declared as such. It is more likely he is planning another diversion against Auggie. The smallest, but most intelligent and resourceful of the Trinity; Dee Dee - constantly hungry green-eyed beetle that feeds everyone. Is the most stupid party trio. His gargantuan appetite centigrade and it is because of this cockroach trio often gets into various scrapes and trouble; Stamps - thin high cockroach with red eyes. His hobby - to invite the girls out on dates. Despite the constant bad breath, very often his amorous adventures are successful. Trinity cockroaches got their names after the legendary rock band «Ramones».