Games Nesquik - is online quests and game logic. With the Nesquik bunny you learn to control skateboard, avoid obstacles, solve logical tasks and be nimble.

Chocolate Nesquik milkshake was a real treat for the kids and for the salvation of parents who could not get them to drink a glass of milk. Teaming up with chocolate, drink gained excellent taste, which hit the spot a little sweet tooth, and advertises its perky, mischievous rabbit that replenishes your energy, drinking it nemerenoe number. Difficult to say, owes its popularity to the product virtual world or not, but the game Nesquik like the younger generation is not less than the cocktail. Even created a club of his fans, well, we spend time together with eared Jumping and go on the hunt for a glass of magic potion. Energy rabbit lot and he is always active, loves sports and riding a skateboard. And now he is on it, bisecting the city streets in search of a favorite delicacy. But he always different partition off road obstacles and you have to have time to clear the way so it does not hit the open manhole, fell c elevation and not hurt himself on the left on the sidewalk with debris tank. No brakes on a skateboard, and a lover of sweets because he can not stop or reduce the speed of the danger. Help him overcome all the way safely, closing hatches, removing obstacles and substituting boards that would serve as a springboard. When the level is safely passed, he will get his reward in the form of the cup reinforcing forces Nesquik. During the game Nesquik should also collect scattered on the table cold cereal chocolate balls. Moving into the perimeter, do not miss one to get all the game scores and move to a new job. The direction of movement is determined by the keyboard arrows, and since this is a familiar way for you to control, difficulties would arise. Games Nesquik race is the race for the drink that so enamored rabbit. Helping him accomplish his mission, you do not get less pleasure and positive emotions to refuel the eyeballs. However, the game is more like a quest where you have to do the right action, helping the hero drive his skateboard. To begin, open the gate in front of him, then shalt road stick inept skater ugostite ice cream and it will crash into the bushes, do not stay on his feet, and the depredations of asphalt concrete pour. Only by doing all timely and alternately, you will access to the rabbit milkshake which is waiting for him at the front of the refrigerator. All games are available to play for free Nesquik for lovers of tasty foods and virtual toys. They united all desirable things for the kids - sweets and the opportunity to play on the computer in an exciting fun. Helping rabbit grab another glass if fattens appetite for fresh air, look so tasty toys Nesquik. Even such a simple game where you have to catch all the drinks that are popping up on the table of the cells already interesting and gambling. Actions at the first level appeal to work fast, but with the advancement of further rate increases more and more. Need to deftly snap glasses with yummy and not to ignore the box with breakfast. Nesquik not slow to catch another batch, and even drink it in one gulp, to following your clique to be ready for a new one. Games Nesquik useful as well as the one product that they advertise. Together with Fuzzy eared children learn to be savvy, nimble, quick, observant and think logically. And if there's a magic cocktail glass, seem to play many times more interesting and sweeter.