Game Mortal Kombat - a series of online games, gamers are provided free of charge on our website to enjoy the struggle, courage and victory in battle.

Mortal Kombat - a landmark game in the style fighting game developers created by John Tobias and Ed Boon. Initially, the game was designed for consoles different plan, but after the game was out and the joy of PC users. At the time, the game has become a sensation in the world of computer and video games. In total, if we consider the data for the year 2012, the total number of playable characters - 64. In 1995, the film was created by the same game. In fact, this game is considered one of the most violent. No wonder, the endless fatalities and another kind of deadly strikes - not the most pleasant sight for the average citizen. How did it happen that in a fantasy world of developers, where harmony reigned for some time, resumed fierce battles for power? According to legends of the Elder Gods, at the time, created the so-called six spheres. After a fierce battle Unity of Essence and Gods these areas somehow turned into real worlds in which reigned their customs and laws. Person who managed to subdue everything worlds - Onaga was emperor. But soon the lord was killed and he was replaced by Shao Kahn, Assistant deceased emperor. But newly minted governor had no power to rule so many worlds, and again began the battle for power in which all the players involved Martan Kombat. If earlier in order to play your favorite game, you had to get a video attachment, now opens the world of Mortal Kombat and users of computers and laptops. A great opportunity to play the game Mortal Kombat online. Now gamers, fans of the legendary game do not need anything except how to enable your browser to find your favorite Mortal Kombat games and plunge into the salvation and gain different, unexplored worlds of the universe. Graphics in Flash games is not much different from the usual, which is used for games consoles. Subjects, most of all - the same: you have to win the tournament, which is organized by Shao Kahn. Of course, the number of characters is not always exceeds the mark of 10, but this does not prevent an enormous amount of pleasure from the gameplay. Game-play standard. You choose the character that you will pass the tournament. And starting from the bottom of the rating table, fight the battle you climb higher and higher, until the time comes the moment of truth - boss battle for the fate of the world who, if he wins it will define you. In games, there is an infinite variety of combos, fatalities, finishing off the enemy regimes. Many of them, in truth, are appalling. There are several modes. Fans to keep everything in his hands and trust only themselves, of course, choose the game alone, but those gamers who are used to working in a team - happy to try "double" game. So if you are an amateur Sub Zero, Scorpion, Jas, China Ermaka and other heroes - flash game Mortal Kombat is exactly what you need. Naturally, the developers of flash games do not stop just at the standard of the familiar battles. There are different puzzles, "dress up." For gamers who are not afraid to test their knowledge of the game's plot, characters, history - there are many tests that show the level of knowledge of your favorite games. By the way, flash games Mortal Kombat and the presence of a well collections of funny moments that occurred in different games. So if you are tired klatsat the keyboard in search of different combinations of fatalities - you can relax and to laugh heartily. So choose your character and forward to the triumphant success!