Lively, funny, original online games for free Moorhuhn invite the fun with fancy chickens. You have to hunting and shooting, as well as flights to speed.

Many of you probably remember the good old eight-shooters, where, armed with a toy gun had to aim at the screen of an old TV set and shoot a variety of subjects, bandits, birds and other animals. If you all day long in these toys were cut or if you want to hunt animals - Morkhukhn game just for you! The history of this bestseller is quite funny. Originally the game was released Moorhuhn in 1999 as one of the Scottish advertising companies that manufactures whiskey. The game was laid out on the site in common, and everyone can download it and shoot at birds. During the year, nearly nine-tenths of the population of Germany knew about who those birds Moorhuhn. The department can understand everything: it was a disgrace to the primitive and simple: to play need only the mouse and in some versions of one or two buttons on your keyboard to reload the gun. Also shooters on the birds, over the next ten years, was released a huge amount of arcade toys, simulators, racing games and other genres. We present you a description of the most popular toys with Moorhuhn. Moorhuhn Star Carts - arcade game in which the characters are riding on fun devices for intricate lines. Furthermore, the toy can make his aircraft. Moorhuhn Atlantis - Platform game genre. The protagonist - the chicken Moorhuhn going to look for the treasure of the lost city - Atlantis. Morkhukhn in Hollywood - one of the latest versions of Shooting Birds, which was released in 2008. In contrast to all versions, this was filmed time limit pass each level, but other conditions were added: the hunt at each level you are given a certain amount of ammunition. Moorhuhn Soccer - did not escape the story of hens and world's most popular sports game - football. That's just like any other game involving birds, this is an unusual football, and a series of mini-games that use one or more footballs, gates and other football paraphernalia. Moorhuhn Mahjong - Mahjong usual. You need to clean up pairwise identical signs that the sides should not come into contact with each other by more than one party. The main difference from the usual Mahjong is that the background images are taken from the bestseller about the hens. Moorhuhn Pinball - toy, which is necessary to repel the metal ball two substrates. The main goal - to score as many points. Background design is taken from the original games about Morkhukhn. This is just some of the games that received the most popularity in many countries in Europe and around the world. Practically impossible to collect all the versions of this game that has ever been released on all possible electronic devices. Our site has decided not to stand aside, and on it you will also be able to shoot in their favorite partridges. In addition, games are available online and for free! You do not need to download and install them on your PC. Only need to select your favorite version and it starts right in the window of your favorite browser. The game is suitable for everybody: the boys and girls, as well as their parents. No matter whether you need a few minutes to run out to an important meeting or you have two hours of free time - toy series Morkhukhn help as have fun time and a long time to captivate you addictive gameplay and storyline. So the gun is loaded, the birds are placed on the starting position - welcome to the hunt!