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School - not only learning, but also a place of growing up. By doing it at an early age, leaving her wall The kids are almost growns who are ready for new achievements and accomplishments. This interval is the personality, character is formed and imparted knowledge and skills of communication in society. Often, teachers complain about the younger generation, calling them unruly little monsters. But if ordinary children to make them the problem, they said, if I had to teach these monsters! Features such schools formed the basis of the American animated television series "School Monster High", and he, at the time, gave rise to the appearance of the game Monster High online in different variations. Works of art and cinema have long been acquainted with all sorts of monsters - vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies and other scary creatures. They are designed to introduce us to the horror, forcing tremble at the sight of their kind and understanding evil intentions. Now imagine that they have offspring who will continue the dynasty and take the baton parents to atrocities continued! It was used really terrible if it were so, but turned out to kids fearsome monsters are not that scary, but quite nice and sociable. However, so as not to embarrass the other children, they prefer to go to a school where no one was shocked by the sharp fangs and a thick coat. The series introduces us to the cute offspring of famous monsters for the past few seasons. Each episode lasts for one and a half to three minutes, but during this time of adolescent monsters manage to uncover all of the problems that arise from them as surely as in our environment. Cinematic product has become so popular among American youth, which was a series of dolls - characters in the series. It also came to mind the young generation and it is safe to say that was the most serious competitor to Barbie. On this basis, it would be illogical to ignore the virtual world where mandatory settle all the celebrities in varying roles. Games Monster Hae free open the doors and offer horror fans get to know the characters in the form of a game show, and numerous images of women ascribe to the girls' favorite topics odevalok, make-up, cooking and romance, but under a new entourage. We already know how to look like a true vampire or werewolf, but as our monsters have become more human and appealing in every sense, outfits for them do not look too terrible. Teens love to dress stylishly and no matter who they are by birth and heritage. But before you proceed to the creation of an image for them, let's look at the main heroines of the series and games for girls Monster High. Frankie Stein - the successor of the very monster that Dr. Frankenstein created. She is the youngest among friends, because she was only fifteen days. Despite the lack of experience in communication and some stiffness in behavior, it is friendly and absolutely nothing to worry about. But Drakulaure - the daughter of Count Dracula, 1600 years, although it will not say, because apparently it looks like the other students. By its very nature, it does not accept the blood and is considered to be a vegetarian, but the sun is dangerous for her and because she often has to use an umbrella. The stunning beauty Claudine Woolf - fifteen daughter of the werewolf. She's a real fashionista and loves golden color. Its the same age - the Blue Lagoon, whose father was a sea monster. Before we get into this school, she studied in Australia and because the writers have given her all the clichés of Australian, who is firmly entrenched in the views of Americans about the people. In this lagoon is very athletic, mobile and open to communication. Cleo de Nile surpassed in the age group of students at the school - her 5842 year, because it is a real mummy, daughter of the Mummy - Pharaoh Ramses de Nile, the once ruling Egypt and sister Nefer. Despite the fact that she sometimes sharp and prickly character, Cleo quite popular student. Finally we want to introduce you to Guliyu Yelps - dochurku Zombies. Because she is also a zombie, saying she can not, and explained by moo, gestures and moans. In this case, it's most gifted student of the signs of genius. Well, now that you know about the famous little girls so useful information, to find a common language with them and assist in the selection of costumes will be easier, make-up and other women's hobbies, after all games for girls monster Hai - this is a lot of ways to spend your time in an unusual range of young monsters. In addition, our heroine is not entirely alien to the human manifestations of ordinary life. They go to the arcs of the friend to visit and treated to homemade cakes. With them you will spend on a virtual kitchen a few minutes of entertaining, cooking cakes as a basis for future desserts, decorating it with whipped cream and juicy fruits. And when the guests go out, you will be cleaning premises in a playful way to do far more fascinating than the same process, but at home. You have to collect and wash all the dishes, collect garbage and send it in a bucket, clean place to litter, clean the floors and tables. And when once again reign purity, go to the game Monster High Action to make these feats. Together with friends you will pass the caves, swim in the lagoon, fight the predatory fish and collect gold coins at all levels to refill the game account. More Monster High games invite you to the playground, where girlfriends act cheerleader school football players. With them, you show your room and make the viewer is rooting for your sports team. Well, wanting to have fun at the disco, Teach newest dance moves and conquer their classmates plasticity. Also you will find the game of basketball, riding on the waves in surfing and much more.