Free Minesweeper game

Online games Minesweeper - this puzzle game, free of charge provided for the passage, and the process is the discovery of cells in the field so as to avoid laid mines there.

Adult players, who remember how computer games were born, with nostalgia free applications for Windows, among whom there was such a wonderful puzzle game - Minesweeper. Today it is possible to play online games Minesweeper, in which nothing has changed - the same hidden mines in the gray box hidden in the cells, and only the ability to read the tips will be tested demining space safely. Classic version gameplay spared bright colors and special effects, which are so fond of modern developers. Lack of technical ability and experience first allowed programmers to create a simple and logical game in which the main thing was to achieve a positive result. It was only later, with the growth of technology people want beauty and new stories to transform and diversify the gameplay. But even today, when we have a choice, the essence of events remains the same - you need to open all the cells in the periphery and not to run into a blast. Manage perfectly simple - click on the cell, it will, if not mined. In the case when there are no dangerous areas, open field, several cells. Hatched figures will help determine where hidden explosive mechanism and if your calculations are correct, with the help of a "gap" or the right mouse button on a suspicious site put option as a symbol of the fact that this place is hidden mine. This game does not require the speed of passage, and therefore left have unlimited time to think about each step. One wrong decision can cost you your life and loss. Minesweeper Online uncompromising and does not give a second chance. Only one shell blown up knocks you out of the game and have to start over again. Even the first step, if it failed to lead to the loss and this means that not only the logic of thinking, and a large amount of luck to be present during the passage. Gameplay offers several levels, each time complicating them. Area becomes wider, more cells mined and numerals grow and closely coexist side by side, introducing us into confusion. And this applies not only to the original version of Minesweeper, which is now available online, as well as new and that there are continuing to develop the idea. Sometimes it is successful stories attract gamers to the passage. For example, some time very popular topic of pirates continues its march through the virtual world, becoming an excellent background for the main tasks. Excellent fit and she Minesweeper game online, offering to help Jack Sparrow unearth treasures buried on the island. Be a difficult task, because the next step may be the last. Jack knows that the treasure somewhere nearby, but the exact location is unknown. Making the move, the pirate was risking his life, because at any moment you can step on the deadly gift pranksters that guessed to hide valuables in such an original way. Another game control option presents a cowboy who must pass the mined desert. Bypass the dangerous section will not work, but a resident of the Wild West is obliged to make this difficult path to escape from the settlement, which also awaits certain death. When choosing between two evils, mines seem more problem to be solved. Still present military theme, where the soldier is obliged to clear the path of his army, so that she could break the resistance of the enemy forces and overcome the barrier. Sappers can not go wrong, because their hopes on him. Well, small children have fun, watching Daffy duck to the bag and during other stories.