Online games mermaid Ariel

Offer to play games online, and Little Mermaid Ariel with her friends Flounder fish and crab Sebastian participate in fun adventures.

Ironically, the popularity of the Disney characters, in spite of the competition in the global animation market is still wide. And the love of the public enjoy the new Disney princess (for example, Rapunzel from the animated film Tangled ) and classic - Cinderella, Belle, Princess Jasmine. And, of course, the incomparable Little Mermaid Ariel - the heroine of the Disney version of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. After all, what would say there is not, the studio staff, Disney's well aware of child psychology. In the least, much better than the canonical Danish storyteller, some of which fairy tales for children at the tender age it is better not to read. They are a lot of sad dramatic scenes, violence and other things, familiarity with which ahead of time can cause very real psychological trauma. And growns, not thinking about it, roll their eyes to the ceiling and exclaim, It's so touching! The examples are not far to seek - the same story the little mermaid. It is a terribly hopeless. Great love for the prince gave the heroine only endless suffering. First, the physical - because of hellish pain that accompanied her every step along the ground, according to the witch's curse. And then the moral - because the prince did not love her, and now awaits the death of little mermaid and turn into sea foam. Is not it a gorgeous destructive scenario? Who will invest in the girl 's head the idea that love should be sacrificial and necessarily non-reciprocal. Disney's remix the little mermaid is much kinder. First, the creators decided that the tale has to be a happy ending. Here Prince succumbed to temptation and see who loves him for real. In addition, the concept of sadistic walking on knives, too, was removed from the cartoon. Here, the little mermaid appears not passive sufferer, and a good and purposeful girl. For optimism, kindness and humor like this cartoon several generations of young viewers. Therefore, they are looking for on the Internet games mermaid Ariel with beloved heroine and her friends. This query takes a high position in the ranking of search engines. Knowing that the little mermaid Ariel games for a specific target audience makes a real treat, we've assembled a collection of her flash adventures on our site. There's a dress up games, puzzles, coloring games, platformers, search for items and even an underwater race. And all this - with your favorite Disney characters. And by the way, is absolutely free.