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To get to the maze is not scary if everything happens in the space of computer games. On the way out to solve many tasks - maze games require to be smart.

There are games in a position to quiet, almost meditative reflection. Which, incidentally, are lacking in modern life. After all, it requires increased efficiency is always and everywhere, even sometimes against all logic, common sense and self-preservation. Neurosis ' syndrome honors requires to solve many problems in record time. And, perhaps, enjoy the result and praised the chief. Pure pleasure from dzenovsky process - the gradual fulfillment of the task in front of you, search options, intellectual property - is now almost not available. Or is available only in the format of games puzzles, one of the sub-species of which are games mazes. They erected finding the right exit - in the most literal sense of the word - in the absolute. Here is everything - and the search for errors, and the selection of different solutions, and the consequences of miscalculation of each of your decisions. And, unlike, for example from the games quests are wrong move possible. Having turned the wrong way, you can take some more time to move forward until you hit a dead end. Tips nowhere to wait. Only planned a full path from the entrance to the maze to get out of it, you solve this problem. Such games are crystallized, spherical intellectual exercise. In which trains not only analytical but also spatial thinking player. That 's what they attract a very wide range of diverse audience - men and women, children and adolescents. It's hard to believe, without trying, but games of this type unload the brain is not worse than primitive clickers. After all, as you know, one of the options from the rest of intellectual work is the change in focus, which focused attention. Not necessarily doing something monotonous and does not require mental work. You can just focus on a different topic. Then you do not fall into a mind-numbing trance and can easily return to their works, from the solution of several problems of this type. Labyrinths are indispensable for those who are on duty should be engaged in creativity, producing ideas to create something new and different. Their brains do not have to stand idle, it needs the flexibility and easy switching from one subject to another, without reducing the speed. So we just could not get around mazes attention on our site. According to the appropriate tag you have many options of this laconic intellectual simulator. Play mazes you can easily online, besides absolutely free.