Restless curious bunny Max and caring big sister Ruby taught to skate, play football and hide and seek, select clothes, solve puzzles. Join them playing games and Ruby Mac online.

Games Max & Ruby: your friends rabbits. It became a tradition to create computer products based on the cartoon. Games Max and Ruby continue to invent new adventures of the white rabbit who know the kids on the animated version. Tu saved the characters, toys and themselves - a vivid example of the positive, as the main condition of children's stories. These games are popular with young gamers and their parents to meet all tastes and needs. While the kids are jobs, adult happy that at the same time they learn to be responsible, caring, adopt the example of the relationship between brothers and sisters. So it goes unnoticed unobtrusive education for the children, because they are already tired of moralizing adults. It is quite another family of rabbits. • Max bunny restless most of all. He is curious and restless, often gives the older sister Ruby hassle. Sometimes it can withdraw it from him, and she scolds him, but quickly leaves, seeing sincere repentance bro. • Ruby Max's older, and therefore sensible, caring and feels responsible for his brother. She tries to do the right thing, that he was healthy, fed and dressed clean. It is time for household chores and playing with Max, and because he loves her and listens to advice. Together, they also read books and sometimes sing. • Lisa - a friend of Ruby. They are so close that they feel sisters. She is always there to help in taking care of Ruby's brother. Max also loves her and listen. • Most adult character - Grandma rabbit. Her appearance in the plots infrequent, but it never comes to grandchildren with an empty basket. It is always a treat for them and they are happy to meet. • The robot Phil - intellectual toy with which Max barely parted. He knows how to communicate - to sing and talk. Our rabbits are many interests. They always come up with a new fun and love to bring it to other parties. They can: • The practice of sport; • Play hide and seek; • Pick up odezhku; • To clean the room; • Perform logical problems; • Develop agility. Because rabbits love to jump, sport for them - the most natural fascination. They play great football, but no worse than they do play bowling and skating. Recharge the passion of the pastime in the company of cute little animals, you will want to own, and soon to go into the yard to do the same. Even rabbits are good at playing hide and seek, and demonstrate that the game Max & Ruby free. The house and yard are many secluded villages where Max is hiding, and Ruby got the role of the seeker. It is not opposed to such a distribution, because he knows that the more oncoming brother, changing the deployment, the more tired. And when that happens, it settles into her bed and fall asleep soundly. Now it's time to tidy up the room. That no one likes to do, but Max came up with a trick. He leads one machine to another, and that is joined to the first locomotive. Then, the chain becomes three, and so on. So collect toys is much more interesting, but it must not come into contact with the walls of the room, otherwise the design will crumble. Ruby also helped to pick an outfit for a walk or a carnival. In some variants of clothes closet, and you can see how they sit on her figure. When you're done, go to the event. If you had fun in the new company, stay with Max and Ruby, and more. They come up with all the new classes, and they will not get bored. Heroes are pleased to offer their ideas to learn something new.