Game Mass mayhem online

You will need a large arsenal of ammunition, a lot of energy and good luck to play free online game Mass mayhem. Do not leave live enemies and entire buildings.

The most reckless game Mass mayhem. Every boy in the period of growing hundreds of machines broke, dozens of heads turned dolls made out on a lot of the pistols, countless destroyed the sand castles and trampled others pasochek. And when there were products like the game Mass mayhem can be attached to this list and virtual murder, explosions and other damage. Let these toys and is the idea of ​​all the trash to the last pebble, but look at them in a different way - perhaps carried away by the virtual destruction, at this time you do not destroy someone's beautiful sandy palace, and the tree will survive spreading branches. The essence of the game Mass Mayhem - to destroy more objects, people and animals. For this you also accrue points to be able to increase the slaughter room for further missions. At first, you really are new, they do not trust a dangerous weapon, but allowed to practice on the individual buildings, sometimes shoot at a target. When will the result of training, and you gain experience, money and skills, that can then be called a super fighter. Now your character a real commandos, ready for complex tasks. Take orders at the destruction: • Bridges; • residential areas; • Enterprises and offices; • nuclear power plants. To each attack brought the result, use weapons. His arsenal of features and also available to improve, so earn more points, which will be your currency. More mass destruction bring double or triple the amount. Available to you: • Guns; • Rifles; • Machines; • Bazooka; • Pomegranate; • Mortars; • Bombs; • Ognepushki; • RL. The list goes on. For each type of job has a special arsenal of items and protection. For example, a meeting with the zombies require a special approach, because these hardy creatures, though dead. They spread infection through the city, living in the paying of their own kind. The more will stray dead, the harder it is to destroy them. Small pistol here can not cope, and the team to support can not hurt. If you have managed to accumulate a considerable sum for a fee, it's time to get the most lethal equipment. Sometimes the situation is hopeless, and nothing to do but to become a suicide bomber himself. As a real kamikaze hung with grenades and when the shoot with all the bullets on the crowd, run to where the big people and activate the detonator. Gone your life turn into points, but they are the money that will benefit your followers. However, sometimes some characters behave unclear, and undermine people instead of cows. Their motives are hidden for us, but maybe you will be able to deal with such phenomena. Game Mass mayhem out a series of sequels, but to be honest, to this category can be attributed quite a lot of shooters, which set similar tasks - anything to undermine, destroy, shoot. To work on a task can an army of a small group or a single character, as in the present action movie. Restrictions on arms either. It can be fantastic or fire completely terrestrial origin. From a player's skill it depends on how well it is applied, as well as whether it is appropriate to refer to situations. The online toys development is rapid and even the time allotted for pumping a little, so you can concentrate on the essentials. It's always a fast-moving, easy operation, instant results.