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To say there is not snobs, and mind games are among the broad masses of the popular real hard. However, there is one caveat - the viewers themselves prefer not to show intelligence, and see how that makes anyone. For example, before the main show that the Soviet intellectual? where? When? it was of interest not only of the bourgeois atmosphere of the casino, but the search for the correct answer options along with experts. Now it is almost impossible. People prefer not to think, but to guess. For this example, love and love wonderland - sit and guess the letters. Guess the word - you're just academician! So a mixed reaction among the public cried out for a lucky game. On the one hand, the answer is there are four options. If the player chooses 50 to 50, or even two. But in order to choose the correct one, you need not only luck, but also some no general knowledge. But, basically, the audience fell in love with a lucky man. And how not to love? There's also a million wins. All of the above applies to a generation that does not use the internet effectively. But the young patrons a virtual global network of lucky online play encourages quite often. And it is due to the possibility of intelligence. Oh, and still compete with the other - a very popular social networking applications with this game where you have to quickly press the other players with the correct answer. In general, seeing that on a lucky online play makes very many developers have gone on about the public and have developed many variations of this game. First, they are distinguished by different levels of complexity. There are complex, there is a very simple, and there are even children - from the most primitive questions like, says ladybug? And variants of mu, oink, woof and meow. There are games that took the game from the schema, select the answer to the question of the four options, pulling on her original skins. And there are those that are as accurate and realistic to try to copy a television game. Here there is a remote control for the player, and tips call a friend, 50 to 50, The Audience and insert the sound of the original game, and the spotlight, and even lead. In short, a lucky there for every taste and level of intelligence. Most of them we have put together a special tag on our site. Before you start playing, check if your computer plug-ins that allow you to play the flash games. If not, get them directly from our site. It's free, like all the games here.