Lego Zombie Games Online

During online game Lego Zombies you play defending their towers from the attack of bloodthirsty zombies that have rushed to attack.

If you believe the cinematic story, comic books and computer games, the world in terrible danger - he is on the verge of a pandemic that turns people into zombies. How or when it happened, no one really knows, but the fact that the victims are increasing. This infection is dangerous by the fact that spreads through the bite of a zombie. On his teeth live microorganisms that enter the bloodstream of a living person and begin to spread rapidly in the body, changing the structure of cells. Zombies are insensitive to pain, do not take the human voice, and are driven by one thing - a thirst for blood. Kill these zombies extremely difficult. They say they have an acute allergic to lead. The only way they can be stopped, and we prepared for this battle thoroughly, making good stock of firearms and bladed weapons, which is located in Lego zombie games. Each level has its store of ammunition, and to get them moving in the perimeter and cleared five areas: bridges, tombs, tunnels, column and box. Lack of monsters you will not feel because they do not even try to hide, and openly come out and move on you entire assemblage. Them more and it seems you are surrounded by, but thrown out of the heart and fear brought together into a fist, remember that the rest depends on you citizens Legoland. To play Lego zombies, use the arrow keys to move, change weapons with 1 and 8, and for shooting press "space". From your accuracy, dexterity and courage depends the future of this world. If you feel yourself to repel the attacks of zombies is becoming increasingly difficult, call the process boyfriend, brother or dad, in order to go to the game for two Lego zombies. Now, when you have to rely on someone in a difficult situation, distribute tasks among themselves and let everyone is responsible for defined area. When one level is stripped, start a new mission. Even destroying the enemy en masse, it seems it will never edge. In place of a hundred thousand come and replace her tens of thousands. Unable to fight without shots, but because you plunge into Lego games zombie shooter to protect all that is dear to you from destruction, disease and neglect. Forgotten former profession, and even the nerd becomes gunslinger short time later. There is no place for the girls, but always happy militant Amazons. Children turning into young men throw away and forget their toys. When your house or castle surrounded hordes of zombies, it's time to put guards around the perimeter distributing soldiers to repel the attacks and defend the approaches to the subject. Becoming literate strategist and experienced tactician, you reflect enemy attacks and reduce its strength, releasing him Rockets. When there is great fun as games Shooting Zombie Lego is easy to forget about the time and immerse yourself in the gameplay. Battling zombies, just fantasize any subject - think of the events, what is the reason that yesterday's neighbors suddenly turned into monsters. Maybe it's magic in the banal evil sorcerer? Become those brave hero who will save the world from the plague and restore peace to the streets again to make him happy, carefree and full of flowers. In order to restore order, have armed to the teeth and go to war, destroy the virus, restore the broken order.