Get ready to play free games Lego Minifigures, performing different tasks: to fish, move heavy blocks held labyrinths and more.

In the mini-games, Lego has collected a variety of small tasks based on certain subjects, and each player will find entertainment, timely for the current mood. Each fun characters live, ready to tell their story and inspire you into it, making partner events. In the mysterious, fantastic, constantly transforming the world of Lego is always something happening, modified, live by their own rules. Ordinary things extraordinary surprise to them approaches, and even familiar fishing turns into something quite incredible. Every fisherman knows that fish is never useless. And to ignore adult fish just because you do not like its color - that's outrageous! But it seems that the game Lego Minifigures different opinion, but because of conditionalities catch more yellow fish without touching the red. As she swims in deep water, it is not easy to get, and only cast a line in the right direction, you can catch this goldfish. Meet you and treasure hunters who can not sit at home. As soon as they hear or see another legend of the ancient map with the designated place of the treasure, they are already on the road to adventure. Being close to one of these daredevils try to correctly solve the puzzle to open the way to a treasure. Hero found the right place, but now we have to go further, putting the colored blocks on certain paint a similar place. Proceed with caution and while dragging bricks will not allow them to come into contact. Worth it to happen, as it is necessary to start again. In space, everything is not smooth and Lego minifigures games give us the task to break all blocks to make the astronaut. He was trapped, but way out of it is, most importantly, to destroy bricks at the top and find the key. Firing blaster, destroy each block separately. If the first stage everything is going just that now we have to try in order to drop down the red elements are not nailed space hero. Find the right sequence of destruction, and shooting, use the fact that rays can bounce and forwarded directly to the target. Use this ability with a direct hit in the blocks, and you are sure to complete all tasks. Who longs for the departed chivalrous times, feels as such, going to a real joust javelin. To help speed up your character, very quickly press "space" until he he reaches already jumping and from this point of the spear throw away. Along the scale placed different objects, the distance and game points. And watching the green scale, you know how fast you were able to be dispersed before throwing. Girls will be interesting to talk with the heroine, which is very reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood, but she's wearing a red cape. It deals with the fact that in his basket catches a carrot, which throws her eared bunny. But can bore even such a fun activity, and that does not happen, he came up with fun - tossing periodically huge spiders. If a girl catches insect postponed level passes in one step. Being attentive player, you do not admit such a mistake, but to train care never hurts. Communicating with the characters Lego Minifigures game, you will meet with these dancers, athletes, musicians, divers seekers and many others.