Steeped in the process of online games Lego Hobbit, enjoy socializing with the magician and hobbit Bilbo Gendelfom Baggins. You'll play, treating the guests in his restaurant.

The game tells the story of Lego Hobbit Tolkien's works in a new light, calling for players to participate in this phantasmagoria, to become major participants in the events and find out the price of courage. Elements quests, search, combat, magic and logic tasks constitute the main part of the fun. Once again the world Legoland opens us new. It seems that has nothing to amaze experienced gamer, but here comes The Hobbit Lego game and understand - a surprising number! Worth the mystery as they will fall upon you an abundance of events, offers and opportunities. In this case, curiosity is welcome, because it will help to unravel the tangled story line will lead to a correct inference and send in a new adventure, which will introduce familiar characters closer. Making a new step in bulk and attractive, colorful locations, you will find yourself in a world that is constantly changing its proportions, modified, transformed by unknown laws you. Every step - quite a feat, as to make it more difficult. Vying with the enemy, you are moving in search of treasure, paired cards, hobbits and dwarves. Open a new image, you get points, but the rub is that it needs a couple, and that's where she was hiding, to learn. Enemy also craves this knowledge, and therefore a serious struggle unfolds. Who first made the discovery, and he will win the current round. Throwing the dice you with the suitable amount of steps that needs to be done, and the clock keeps track of time and inevitably cut it, not letting relax. Complete easy, but the opponent is in the same quandary that pleases few. Since your chances of winning are equal, only the best will be tested adequately, having caught the coveted victory. Next fun prepared a real surprise - a meeting with the magician Gandalf. Playing games Lego Hobbit, you will find yourself in the gloomy dungeon goblins. Controlling the protagonist, will see how completely he has magic, because it is not time yet save his life. On his way there are skeletons, goblins, trolls are huge and nasty. Armed with a magic wand, Gandalf cleverly fights with the enemy, clearing a path and passes all rooms, not forgetting to collect and bonuses. To get from a useful artifact, sometimes you have to climb ladders, jump ditches and rivers of lava, to pave the way of buildings. To save magic to fight monsters, better to just jump the barrier, but if the trap does not bypass, it's time to take advantage of the supernatural. Help cope with the management of keys on the keyboard and computer mouse, and your perseverance and fearlessness will guarantee goals. Next Hobbit Lego games ask you to take part in the fate of the little hobbit who seeks the path in a maze of underground passages huge castle in the Golden Garden. Each step may be the last, because the space inhabited creepy creatures. Danger and adventure lovers will certainly respond to the call for help and carry the hero on every corner, to help build a collection of coins and survive all adventure worthy. And when you're done here, go to the pub to take over control of them. To you go hungry guests, asking them to feed. In a cloud seen preferred dish and selecting it in stock, serve guests, but do not let the mouse periodically spoil their appetite. To get rid of the animal at the time, the fish take it and try to click on it.