Lego Heroica Games have put together all sorts of brave knights and monsters. You have to play online, protecting castles, rescuing princesses, magic and wielding weapons.

Visiting Games Lego Heroica, you become a true brave knight, a general, commander. Every boy dreams of different exploits that will bring him fame winner. There is no doubt in his own courage and the ability to act swiftly. Knowledge of tactics and strategies seem innate qualities and it is not surprising that military service has long been a lot of strong half of mankind. Legoland - is a large country, divided into separate kingdoms, including stretches and Heroism. Here live the real brave knights, ready to help his people and the ruler, but because when the goblins attacked the country, the real heroes gathered his troops and moved off. Complicates the task of the existence of an enemy wizard - the mighty Druid owning ancient knowledge and the secrets of nature. Using spells and magic potions, goblins he heals from wounds received in battle, hiding in the ruins of the old castle, the walls of which also contribute to its work. Residents in horror, but Lego Heroica games and your participation in them will not leave the victims to fend for themselves. Armed with stones, throw them where goblins were grouped to form a perfect target. Each shot must be clearly calculated, because the number of shots is limited. Getting in a certain place, you're refreshing your combat stock, but knocking the red box, lose some weapons. You can call on for help and allies who at times will increase the chances of winning. Recognize them easily - hovers over the heads of the fireball, and each soldier has unique abilities. You choose a warrior to help that would appeal, and given the power of the enemy, easily identify with such a choice. When the current battle over your victory, you proceed to the next stage of the battle, and for the previous campaign are awarded three stars. As soon as the next shot does not work, these stars are melting at a time. Aching soul freedom heroics, collect reliable troops and throw them against the evil goblins who set out to capture the fertile land, to destroy them, to bring chaos and enslave people. Next game Lego Heroica sends the computer version of the board game to the magnificent and majestic castles Fortaan, where the unfolding events no less exciting. In the desktop version involves four players, but to play Lego Heroica, only one participant, because the remaining steps performed by a computer. Throwing dice-bone, to do the precipitated amount of steps approaching his goal. All the way thickly studded with awards and obstacles. Enemies just waiting to fight and throw you back. If you roll dice value you put in the face of the enemy, the battle is provided, and its outcome depends on you go or lose one life and postpone a step back. Gold findings add to your gaming account and the key opens the coveted passage to the next dimension. In addition, among the finds offers various elixirs, treasures, extra lives, an opportunity to diversify military arsenal in a special shop. Before the game you are given a choice of character, but choosing, keep in mind that each has its own characteristics, such as excellent barbarian wields a sword, killing enemies in melee, and stepped back from him. Sorcerer becomes indispensable when you need to hit the enemy from afar - he cracked down on them from a distance of four steps, and the druid will contribute during enemy encounters.