Many adventures, fairy tales await you during the online game Lego Harry Potter. Start playing now and help the young wizard cope with all tasks.

Author JK Rowling has begun a whole fantastic direction, writing a series of books about Harry Potter and his friends - young wizards enrolled in a special school, where powerful magicians-teachers teach them different science. If reading a book leaves a lasting impression, the cinema and made its share of surprise, saturating picture special effects, making the story even more lively, mesmerizing. This is a unique case where the audience of all ages, sexes and social strata with the same enthusiasm awaited release sequels. Children growing up with Harry, but he remained true fans. Virtual world took over and created their own products, where friends and teachers together to rescue his beloved school, battling evil wizards unravel tangled plots solve riddles and find the perpetrators. Among other amusements occupy a place of honor Harry Potter Lego game. Young magician continues to master the alphabet and uses magic skills into practice. Next to it is often possible to meet Hermione and Ron, but Harry himself is able to stand up for the honor of Hogwarts and do everything to help her grow. Once in the cave goblins, our hero finds large deposits of crystals. These jewels alluring sparkle, and he understands the value of the findings. School would be useful to these treasures, but because it is taken to collect them. Not all at once to make, but gradually knocking crystals, it adds to your stock and your account. To get more jewelry, aim in gems, which are grouped by three pieces and more. Shoot them in the same color, which are going to get, and they are bound to be in your bins. You only have time until the grille crypt has not fallen to the ground, but the crystals are filled up the aisle. During the game Lego Harry Potter in the battle for Horvarts will repel the attacks minions of Lord Voldemora. They blocked the portal of time, by unleashing him custody - terrible demons. Those flying around each funnel and evoke the worst vision, causing the dark forces of life and prevent you to use a transition to another dimension. Be a lot of tests, and to succeed, get help from Professor Lupin, Hagrid, Ron and Hermione. By joining forces, they will reflect the attack Klebboma and Goyle to free school. Avoiding the harmful effects of the enemy, move to the green sphere, managing keys on the keyboard. In the maze to play Lego Harry Potter will be another test. But this is not a simple maze, and filled with mysterious power. It can be expected any surprises. Things in it are moved by themselves, suddenly opened portals and transferred to another place of the hero. It does not seem so confusing and passing corridors, collect crystals, Lego pieces and coins. But imagine that suddenly one of the crystals begins to shine, and you are going to pick up the jewel. Until it is just a few steps, and she suddenly disappears, that appear in a different place. You start to rush, trying to overtake the fugitive, and suddenly opens beneath you pit. Once it, you do not die - it takes you back into the maze, but far away from the coveted crystal. You have a set of these corridors, moving in Azkaban and Hogwarts passing game levels. Play Harry Potter Lego is like to be one of the most magical school students. Offers lessons magic, battles with enemies, incredible adventure and fun to explore with their favorite characters again.