Games Lego Duplo provided free entertainment for kids. Here live the little animals, which is fun to play, performing different tasks on logic.

It's nice that Lego games hollow think about educational toys for the youngest gamers, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Now it is much easier for parents to teach kids to impart useful knowledge and certain skills that will help later in life. At each stage of growing toddler requires all new experiences, he's already interesting to perform more complex tasks, feeling the strength and willingness to challenge the logic of the task, attention and memory. Accumulated certain knowledge base, he built the foundation for the accumulation of new material. Natural curiosity of a beneficial effect on this process, and therefore should take advantage of this fact to the fullest, and make games that Lego hollow online, offering a variety of gameplay scenes. Become a resident of Legoland is very simple. Launching another toy, the player goes to a new adventure and certainly wants to see that it was prepared this time. Visiting our menagerie small children know the names of many animals and remember their sound. And if you line them up in a row on an imaginary keyboard synthesizer, you can create a lovely melody. Monkey, crocodile, chicken, cat, pig and dog, tiger and penguin happily occupy positions and wait for the moment when you employ one of the balls of different sizes. Catching it, animals emit their sounds in a certain tone and if intelligently arrange them in the perimeter, you can achieve coherence animal chorus. They have beautiful voices, and what you see for yourself. They are easy to swap, remove and substitute some other pets to certain positions, like creating with them musical notation. More fun to play online Lego hollow pro shop where giraffe and rabbit act as sellers. These buyers come in a cloud over your head tells you what products they want to purchase. This is a small list to remember and send specified ingredients in the basket. If the action is performed correctly, the selected items will be lit, pleasant begin to radiate energy. But in case of a miss, no action will occur, but the player will remind the source list. This is a wonderful toy, develops in karapuzov memory and observation, because still need to find the necessary objects of the rest. In addition, small children learn the names of objects and how they look. Considering quite a young age, jobs are not overloaded of things to look for to not bore kids and they make the gameplay is fun. Will be meeting with McQueen, whose hollow Lego games prepared for new cars compete in the race. But now the problem is not the players manage it during the race, and to make inspection and correct deficiencies in the way that it does not suffer a setback. After each event, it is necessary to wash away the dirt with a wet sponge, fill the tank with gasoline, change a tire, if it later. When McQueen shine again, to submit its way to new records. What else just love children? Of course, hide and seek! But this fun also love the little animals and invite you to play Lego games hollow. They all live together in one big hole, that are equipped with taste: each room has furniture, grow flowers in pots. That is their favorite place to hide and seek, and because there is a little dark, you will have a flashlight beam which will help you to find the abode of every inhabitant of the underground, looking in closets and cabinets, checking under the bed and leaves a large flower. Only rays of light can be considered edge Bunny ears, scallops and chicken claw lamb.